How to pick the right breast pump for you

By Published On: January 28th, 2010

Being a milkmaid can be a pretty tough gig. While […]

Being a milkmaid can be a pretty tough gig. While breastfeeding is fabulous and fun, even the most saintly mothers can find themselves seriously craving a break from the boob. When looking for a breast pump to meet your needs, consider these questions:

  • How often will I be nursing?
  • Will I need a pump that offers on-the-go ease?
  • Do I need a double pump (to empty both breasts at the same time) or will a single pump suffice?
  • Would I prefer an electric or a manual pump?
  • How much am I able (or willing) to spend on a pump?

Working mom
Moms who are returning to work full-time will appreciate a heavy-duty pump that is easy to transport and allows you to nurse hands-free. This way you can enjoy your lunch and finish pumping before the back-to-work bell rings. This double-duty pump comes in its own stylish bag, so your boss will never know that it’s a breast pump tote she’s been admiring on the elevator.

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Part-time nurser
If you won’t need to pump daily but anticipate the need for the occasional night out or bottle-bonding opportunity with dad, look for a pump that’s easy to use and works effortlessly with the bottle system of your choice. Pumps that mimic mom’s natural nursing pattern are a nice plus.

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Emergency only pump
A manual pump can cause serious hand-cramping if it’s overly used, but for the once-in-a-blue-moon pumping needs, it’s an efficient and cost-effective choice. Manual pumps are particularly handy when you’re suffering from early-nursing engorgement and just need to get a tiny bit of milk out to relieve that pounding pressure.

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