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A. Doona, $499 Designed for babes between 4 and 35 pounds, […]

A. Doona, $499
Designed for babes between 4 and 35 pounds, this cutting-edge car seat has a built-in mobility system, meaning it can go from car seat to stroller in a matter of seconds. All we can say is: game changer.
B. GB Qbit, $180
Checking the stroller planeside is so 2014. With this super compact, self-standing model, you can wheel baby right onto the aircraft, and then fold it down to a mere 13”x21” for easy storage in the overhead bin.
C. Orbit Baby O2, from $680
Strolling with your petite passenger facing you is nothing new, but jogging face-to-face? Unheard of! Until now that is. This revolutionary jogger features Orbit Baby’s patented SmartHub, so you can turn your tot around (and he can see how hard you’re working).

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