Hot mama! Summer fashion for stylish moms

By Published On: June 22nd, 2012

Summer is here, and it’s time for us mommies to […]

Summer is here, and it’s time for us mommies to kick up our heels, let down our hair, and wear our most comfy and stylish summer time looks! Don’t think you have the time? Well I’m here to help you do this! Here are 8 ways to update your wardrobe to be the stylish mama that you are!
0622PNMag_summerwhattowear1) Colorful sandals – Bright colors are all the rage right now, and an easy way to add a little color pop to your wardrobe is to wear some really cute bright sandals. Yellow, teal, fuchsia, red…all such great, fun colors. Even a pair of sandals that are color blocked in a few different colors would look sassy!
2) Fun nail colors – there are so many nail polish colors to choose from and get creative with! I’ve been really enjoying bright orange lately and purple too, especially on my toes. If you can’t get to the nail salon a lot, check out some of the fun colors they have at your local drug store – especially ones that dry fast. That way with your busy schedule you don’t have to wait long for your nails to dry.
3) Peasant skirts – fill your summer with beautiful, flowy peasant skirts! Pair one with a sleeveless top synched with a big belt, or even a simple beltless t-shirt would look cute. They are as comfy as sweats, but make you feel stylish and chic!
4) Tunics – I love tunics! They look great with leggings or skinny jeans, and are so easy breezy to wear. They even make great beach cover ups! Accessorize your tunic with a few cute bangles, or a pretty necklace and voila – you are an instant fashion plate!
5) Bright, bold necklaces – I am such a huge fan of bright fun necklaces. Even when I am in the simplest of outfits, they really add pizzazz! Colors that I personally love to wear right now are turquoise, coral, black, yellow and green. I always get compliments on them, and I feel like they distract from the food or dirt that my toddler usually wipes on me at some point during the day!
6) Fun prints – fun prints are always an easy way to make a fashion statement and we are seeing them a lot this season! Try a cute summer dress in a bold, colorful print, or a pair of comfy capris in a more subtle print. Have fun with it!
7) Adorable hats – summer is such a great time to wear hats and there are so many to choose from! Try a wide brimmed floppy hat, or a cute straw fedora. Not only will you look chic, you’ll keep your face protected from the sun! (and don’t forget to wear your SPF!!)
8) Lip Gloss – whether you wear a lot of makeup, or go for more of the natural look, lip gloss fits into every mama’s style. For fun this summer, try some bright pinks or reds. You can choose a sheer lip gloss if you don’t want to have too much color on your lips. You’ll look fresh and your lips will stay moist!
I hope these tips help you out this summer, Mamas! Looking great and feeling comfortable don’t have to take a lot of time and money, and don’t forget, you’re worth it!

Leslie Newton, founder of timi & leslie diaper bags, created her company in 1999 when she realized there was a huge void in the marketplace for stylish, functional diaper bags.
Besides creating fashionable diaper bags, Leslie loves doing crafts with her 3-year-old daughter, and going on lots of family outings. Leslie loves anything vintage or mid-century modern—clothes, furniture, jewelry, fabric—all which have a big influence on the timi & leslie aesthetic.