Hospital bag packing list

By Published On: March 21st, 2016

We’re six weeks out, and I guess technically L can […]

0316160633We’re six weeks out, and I guess technically L can go at any time. While unlikely (N was born a day late, G four days early), you just never know.

We live close enough to the hospital that I can make a trip home and back in less than an hour, but in the event we need to rush there in the wee hours of morning, we’ll be ready.

Here’s a list of what each of us will need, even though I’ll surely forget at least a handful of these things. I don’t have anything for N and G because my MIL will be in town tending to them. Can you imagine if we had to bring those two goons with us to the hospital? I’m 90 percent sure they wouldn’t be allowed anyway.


  1. Sweatpants + sweatshirt – comfort clothes and sleepwear
  2. Jeans – in case I have to go out in public to get food for us
  3. T-shirts – I sweat a lot, so a few extra won’t hurt
  4. Underwear – maybe
  5. Water + snacks – I’m guessing hospital food hasn’t gotten much better in the past two years
  6. Money – for food
  7. Deodorant – See: T-shirts
  8. Camera – to NOT take pictures of childbirth
  9. Cell phone + charger
  10. Toothpaste + toothbrush – to avoid dragon breath
  11. Pillow + blanket – it’s always nice having your own stuff to keep warm
  12. Markers – to make mazes for N so he stays busy when he visits


  1. Uggs + slippers – not sure she’s got slippers but the Uggs are comfy
  2. Fuzzy socks – because who doesn’t love fuzzy socks
  3. Cell phone + charger – so we can make it ‘official’
  4. Champagne – 75/25 split in favor of her
  5. Contact lens solution + case – in case she needs a break from her glasses, and to see
  6. Books – she loves to read
  7. Chocolate – self-explanatory
  8. Nursing bra – I think
  9. Robe
  10. Spare underwear
  11. Lip balm0313161045


  1. Pacifier – neither N or G used them, but they’re all different
  2. Outfit – to go home in
  3. Diapers – meconium!!
  4. Blanket – we won one on a giveaway, it’s so darn soft
  5. Stuffed animal – a gift from N and G
  6. Creams + lotions – the hospital provided this stuff last time, I’m expecting the same

So yeah, there’s the list. I usually pack a duffel bag but might be able to jam all my stuff into a backpack. Another thing I’ll have to do is install a car seat for baby in the Pathfinder, so we can actually make a speedy exit—and so I’m not cursing figuring out how to install it the day of.

L had a sore throat last week but has since kicked the sick, leaving her, you guessed it, tired. Only a few weeks left, this is insane. Or maybe it’s just me. So, this weekend I’m going to pack our hospital bags.