Hoppop Bato

By Published On: July 11th, 2011

Splish, splash, H loves taking a bath. Just plop him […]

Splish, splash, H loves taking a bath. Just plop him in the sink and he’s all giggles and smiles.
Until he hit that 5-month mark, that is. At 18 pounds and pushing the 98th percentile, he couldn’t quite plop in our sink anymore. I don’t know if it was the thought of H being “grown-up” enough to bathe in the big-boy-tub or the actual logistics of him being in such a large body of water that scared me more, but I wasn’t ready to put him in the regular bathtub yet.
hoppop-bato-bath-tub3Of course, I also couldn’t stand the thought of breaking down and buying a traditional infant tub that H would undoubtedly outgrow in months. I needed a tub that he could bathe in now, but that he could also bathe in for many months to come. So when I was offered the opportunity to try out the Hoppop Bato baby bathtub, I jumped at the chance.
Hoppop strives to seamlessly combine beauty and function throughout their product line. When they made the Bato, they made sure it looked cool and modern, and made it available in bright, bold colors like aqua, fuschia, and lime. They also used high walls to give your little one something to hold onto. The walls are pretty darn sturdy too because they’re insulated to help maintain water temperature. They added a central plug that empties the water from the tub via two holes on the bottom of either side of the tub to make emptying the tub easy-peasy. (If your “big-boy-bath” is sloped like ours, it doesn’t matter which direction you have the tub—the water will drain regardless.)

The first time we used it, I think we got a little too ambitious with the water level. Even though H sits up like a champ, when the water was above his belly button, his little hiney kept slipping out from under him, resulting in nervous parents and a fussy baby. Lucky for H, his nerdy parents knew a little about buoyant force. So when round two came a couple nights later, we brought the water level up to approximately mid-horizontal-thigh. Zero slippage and still plenty of water to bath, rinse and splash. Of course, this problem could also be solved by purchasing some no-slip grips, but that would require a trip to the store and we all know what a task that can be.
All-in-all, we’re super happy with our tweener-tub. H (even with his husky physique) will likely be able to bath in it for the next 6 to 12 months. It’s easy to clean, easy to use and looks cute to boot. Plus, when H isn’t using it, it makes an excellent pedi-tub for fellow mamas who can’t figure out how to fit an afternoon spa trip into their new schedules but need a pedicure now that they can finally see their neglected toes again sans belly. Fill ‘er up, set it in front of a comfy chair, let your feet soak, and feel the stress wash away. Or don’t. But I think it’s a wonderful added bonus!
Price: $50
To buy: amazon.com