Honeywell HFD-010 QuietClean Compact Tower Air Purifier

By Published On: September 5th, 2012

Written by: Lily September 04 2012 When I was a […]

Written by: Lily

When I was a kid, I used to always get in trouble for having a messy room. Seriously, I am not afraid to admit that it was really, really bad. So who could have predicted that when I had a child of my own, I would turn into an overprotective, uber-clean, natural-product-only germaphobe who refuses to use anything that isn’t 100 percent organic? The answer is simple: No one. But it’s very true. It started with nail polish when I was pregnant, showed up in the form of organic cleaner while I was nesting, and now that my little tot is about to hit all fours, has reared its ugly head in the form of compulsive thoughts about the quality of air inside our home. How clean is the air coming through that vent anyway? Thankfully, there’s a product out there to put my finicky mind at ease.
The Honeywell HFD-010 QuietClean Compact Tower Air Purifier with Permanent Filter is revolutionary for moms because it looks just as good as it works. Gone are the days of the bulky, eye-sore’s of yore, the Honeywell blends right in with our light blue nursery decor and provides peace of mind about all those floating microbes.
Assembly is a breeze—you just pop the Honeywell out of the box, plug-in and you are ready for clean air. The best part is, there’s a patented ifD filtration technology so the purifier can capture up to 99 percent of ultra fine pollutants, such as dust, pollen, tobacco smoke and pet dander.
If it works so well, you are probably thinking that it must have a powerful (AND LOUD!) fan, right? Wrong! The Honeywell is designed to be extra quiet and it’s true, my family almost always forgets that we have the purifier running.
And if it’s so quiet that we forget it’s running, I bet you’re wondering how we remember to change the filter. The beauty of that is in the fact that there’s an Electronic Filter Clean Indicator that lights up when it’s time to change and since the pre-filter and the filter are washable, there are no replacement filters to buy.
There are also tons of extras that make the air purifier easy to use. There are two cleaning levels, a simple control knob and the entire model is energy efficient. In fact, it uses about the same amount of power as a standard household light bulb.
From an environmental standpoint, the air cleaner is ARB Certified to comply with the federal ozone emissions limit and the trademarked iFD Compact Air Purifier has been AHAM certified for use in rooms up to 62 square feet. It’s CADR ratings are 40 for tobacco smoke, 35 for dust and 55 for pollen. Keep in mind the air purifier works best in a small room, but can circulate the air in that room up to five times in an hour.
It’s truly a great investment for any family and I can honestly say that I think it has greatly reduced the amount of dog hair floating around our little one’s room. And even without the noticeable results, just knowing that the air my baby is breathing is as pure as it possibly can be, is enough for me to spread the word about such a great product.
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