Honeywear Baby Bee Sling

By Published On: April 12th, 2010

As a new mom, I have been amazed by how […]

HoneywearAs a new mom, I have been amazed by how my baby Ben can be sleeping peacefully in my arms, but wakes up crying moments after being gently placed in his bassinet. This proves to be difficult when I need to use two hands to do things around the house. The Honeywear Baby Bee Sling has been a lifesaver. It allows my little one to be close and cuddled while giving me the opportunity to get chores done around the house. It is also so stylish and luxurious. I know I will be happy to wear it out of the house on a walk or a shopping trip once we are getting out more.
Made with organic cottons and silks, the sling is so soft against both my and my baby’s skin. It is one size fits all, allowing it to be comfortably used by my husband and Ben’s grandparents. It has pull cords on the sides and an adjustable shoulder strap that provides maximum comfort for baby and the wearer. Both the pull cords and shoulder straps can be adjusted while this sling is in use, so it is easy to get the perfect fit.
My favorite part of the Baby Bee Sling is the quick release buckle that lets me take the sling off with Ben in it and transfer him to another person. I have truly learned the importance of never waking a sleeping baby and this neat feature helps with that. The baby can be placed in four different positions/holds, including on your back, and the sling can be used up to 30 lbs.
I must admit I was very intimidated by using the sling initially. After looking at the detailed hold instructions on the product website, though, I found it very easy to use. So far we have only used the cradle hold due to my infant’s age, but I know he will love being able to be close to mommy and sit up to take in the sights in the kangaroo, hip, or back holds. The sling is machine washable on the delicate cycle, which is especially important for me given Ben’s propensity to spit up on everything. I think this sling is worth the cost given the mentioned features and the fact that is made by a small company that champions the environment.
Price: $120
Buy it: honeywear.com