Home for the holidays

By Published On: January 3rd, 2013

Written by: Z. Briggs January 02 2013 We have been […]

Written by: Z. Briggs

We have been driving for 4 hours. We stop to get gas, food, and of course—a bathroom break. I’m actually surprised I was able to go this long, I can only hope my bladder will be as cooperative on the drive back in a couple of weeks. We are making the trek from NYC to Chad’s parents home in Western NY. Snow is on its way and we are trying to beat the conditions to get to our destination soon.
I’m reading to Chad to keep him company—I found a copy of “The Tale of Despereaux” that someone was giving away and thought it would be a good car story. I take a break in between chapters and think about how this will be our last Christmas drive for many years with just the two of us. In fact, so many things lately it feels like—this will be our last… but at the same time, it’s also our first. In many ways I already feel like a mom. The baby is constantly kicking and moving around reminding me that he is here and a part of things too.
We found out at about 20 weeks that we’ll be having a boy. I’m going to admit that it took me a week or so to get on the “boy” train. I had felt so sure that we would have a girl that it came as a surprise to me to learn that, no, we are having a boy. After some soul searching and some time I have come to be so happy that we are having a little boy. I believe that he picked us, and I can’t wait to meet him.
I keep thinking forward with so many thoughts and feelings. What will he be like? A year from now he’ll be 9 months old. What will that drive home be like? Will I still be breastfeeding? There is so much anticipation. His arrival is just the beginning. Right now I’m 29 weeks and rounding the bend into the last couple of months.
A few hours later we arrive at my in-laws home and I’m so glad. For the next few days I’ll be taking it easy, crocheting a bit on the blanket I’ve been making for him, baking some cookies, and squeezing in some walking on the treadmill in the basement, in between naps, and some movies. Since we’ve arrived, we’ve already gotten about 5 inches of snow. As I sit and write this it’s drifting and blowing outside.
Last Friday, while we were still in NYC, Chad and I went to Macy’s to visit Santa. I told Chad that I wanted us to get our first family picture with Santa. He agreed and we went early on Friday morning before the lines got super long. Santa was absolutely lovely. He insisted that we both sit on his lap—Chad on one knee, me on the other, and then he asked us what we wanted for Christmas. I thought about it for a moment and I said, a good birth and a healthy baby. “A little soon, don’t you think?” chuckled Santa—and I laughed and said, I was giving him extra time to work on the request since I know he’s so busy at this time of year. “Well, I always appreciate a little extra time for special gifts like this” he said “I’ll see what I can do”. We both thanked Santa, gave him a hug, and promised that we would, of course, come back next year.
From snowy Western NY I wish happy holidays to you, your families, and all the little ones on their way.