By Published On: March 20th, 2013

I just read this hilarious article on the craziness of […]

032013aim-featureI just read this hilarious article on the craziness of holidays with kids, “let’s bring the holidays down a notch.” As if life isn’t crazy enough, with the era of pinterest upon us you feel like a bad mom if your kids don’t have green-colored pancakes and rainbow streamers to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Didn’t we just spend hours cutting out paper hearts?! Don’t get me wrong… I love a good holiday, but can’t we just wear green and buy some store-bought cards? Life with little kids is hectic enough to put so much pressure on ourselves.
I had a real good laugh today when I saw two pieces of paper attached to Matilda’s preschool bag that she handed me when she got in the car. One of the papers was photocopied and the other was handwritten. Uh-oh. Handwritten meant something specific just to us. What happened?!
I read the safe one first: “Please bring in twelve filled Easter eggs by next week.” The second one went on to tell me that today they had painted Matida’s feet for some art work and they wanted to let me know that they put on her “backup” underwear since she came to school without any. Just so I didn’t worry. HA. My little anti-underwear daughter had been busted and now I’m feeling like a real winner. I guess I should monitor her morning dressing sessions a little closer.
Sometimes I just get such a kick out of this ride we all call motherhood. It really is so great. Today after reading that note I had such peace of mind that it was OK and that I’m not a bad mom if my daughter goes to school commando. There really are worse things in life… like having snack twice this month.