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By Published On: August 5th, 2013
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Isaac has all sorts of toys. Animal toys, balls, books, […]

Isaac has all sorts of toys. Animal toys, balls, books, cars, trucks, toys that make noise, toys that sing songs, rattles, mirrors, and blocks. All kinds of fun things, one would think. But what does he want to play with ALL THE TIME?
The remote control.
It doesn’t matter where you put it, he will find it.  It’s like he has remote control seeking laser beams for eyeballs. He will find it, and he will get to it. He loves the remote more than anything else in the entire world. Not just any remote. Don’t try to fool him with the DVD player remote, or even worse the toy remote. Only the TV/DVR remote satisfies his crazy.
He carries that thing around the house with him, pushing buttons and chewing on the end. I’m scared he’s going to break it or drown it in drool. For a long time I tried to keep it away from him, but I give up. He’s in love. There’s no denying his love for this thing.
So tell me, does your little one obsess over one object? What is it?

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