Here Comes the Morning Sickness…

By Published On: August 25th, 2010

Written by: Sheri August 24 2010 Well, the nausea finally […]

Written by: Sheri

Well, the nausea finally hit me again. Now I remember: the first trimester and I do not get along.It happened last time, too.At about six weeks, I began feeling queasy. It got worse until I found myself stopping on the way to work to hurl behind a bush.

This time, I was holding out hope that I wouldn’t have morning sickness.Every pregnancy is supposed to be different, right?I didn’t start feeling really sick until about eight weeks, but then there was no denying it.Just last night, we had some friends over. The second they walked out of the door, I had to run to the bathroom to puke. (That brings up another thing I hate about the first trimester, which I’ll get to in a minute.)

This time around, I am getting much better at anticipating what my body needs to keep from feeling really sick.Funnily enough, that seems to be food.If I can manage to keep something in my stomach, I can keep the nausea somewhat in check. My current game plan, which seems to be working, is to eat a little something at least every two hours. I’ve also been avoiding drinking beverages at the same time that I’m eating. Instead, I try to take small sips throughout the day.If I’ve done all that and I still feel sick, I find a nap is the next best solution. More times than not, I wake up feeling better.

For me, all of this feels worse because I have to keep it quiet.My husband and I decided not to share our news with family and friends–except for a select few who would have guessed anyway–until after the 12 week mark, when there’s a slimmer chance for a miscarriage. (Yes, it’s kind of strange to be sharing with all of you in the meantime, but I’m fairly certain that you don’t know me personally. If you do, shhhhh…we’ll let the cat out of the bag very soon.)

It’s no secret that I’m a “sharer.”I like to tell people things about me, and I like to hear about them.I’m pretty certain that keeping this bleh-feeling under wraps magnifies it.After all, if you’ve got to puke in a conspicuous public place, isn’t it better to laugh about it among friends?