Her next big leap

By Published On: July 6th, 2015

I’m trying not to think too hard about the fact […]

IMG_2882I’m trying not to think too hard about the fact that our baby will be a 1-year-old come mid-July. Gulp. Instead, I’m focusing on all the big things happening around here this summer—standing practice, pool time and maybe even her first real haircut. Oh, man.
We don’t really have a great set up around here for learning to stand. Since we co-sleep, she doesn’t hang out in a crib, and we don’t have a baby cage (read: playpen) either. I’m looking around now as I write this—the seats on the sofas and chairs are all too high for her to reach from a seated position, so that leaves cabinets, bookshelves and walls, pretty much.
But what she lacks in proper equipment she totally makes up for in siblings (and an eager grandmother). The baby is learning to stand. And she’s thrilled about it.
She’s tried it on her own a few times—usually when she’s in the laundry room with me, reaching into the dryer and flinging clean clothes around, but she’s at a disadvantage right off the bat. She sits with her legs splayed for support, and I don’t blame her a bit. Between three older siblings and two dogs cruising around this place, it’s a smart move. But when she tries to pull herself up from that position, it’s a lot harder than it is when her feet are a little closer together and her knees are bent. Then it’s a matter of pushing upright and straightening her legs instead of having to pull so hard.
Anyway, that’s how we’re practicing now. She sits in front of her sister or brother or nana and reaches for their hands, so she can stand up. Then she screams triumphantly and plops back down to do it all over again. And yes, she’s also taken a wobbly step or two already.
Be still my heart.
In other news, she absolutely adores the pool, which is where we’ve been spending many a hot summer afternoon. She starts wiggling to get down the second she spies the water, and I have to wrestle her into her swim diaper and suit and slather her up with sunscreen as fast as I can. In the water, she splashes and kicks and slips around in my arms like a little seal. We’ve dunked her a few times—on the advice of a friend who was a former swim coach, we count one, two, three, blow gently in her face and then quickly dunk her under and back up again—and she seems to enjoy it in a sputtering kind of way. Her soaked little head makes it easy to see how long her hair is growing. It curls up a bit in the back when it’s dry but she’s actually getting some length back there. So maybe a trim is in order for the soon-to-be birthday girl.
Also in order: planning a first birthday party. Already.