Head to toe: great choices in baby-safe skincare

By Published On: February 7th, 2012

Looking for Earth- and baby-friendly goodies for the best in […]

Looking for Earth- and baby-friendly goodies for the best in safe skincare? Here are some of our picks to help soothe your infant’s epidermis:
For the scalp

Paraben- and preservative-free, this creamy treatment combines natural oils and marine silk with aloe and shea butter.
MD Moms scalp rub $22

This gentle-on-the-eyes shampoo boasts 98 percent naturally derived ingredients.
Johnson’s Naturals shampoo $5

Condition baby’s sweet locks with an organic aloe leaf juice containing zero artificial ingredients.
Dolphin Organics conditioner $12
If your bambino’s scalp is extra flaky, he might be suffering from a pesky condition known as cradle cap. To treat, simply rub baby oil into the scalp with a soft toothbrush, wash away residue with baby shampoo, and repeat daily until all is clear.
For the face

Providing all-over relief for chapped skin and lips is just one of this balm’s many abilities.
Episencial face balm $6

Nourish baby’s lips with an organic blend jam-packed with nutrients like jojoba and rosehip.
Sweetsation Therapy lip balm $4
For the body

The perfect amount of lavender helps soothe and relax.
Earth Friendly Baby bar $4

Use this hypoallergenic and fragrance-free potion combining aloe and shea butter to keep baby silky smooth all day long.
Burt’s Bees lotion $8

Step out into the sun with preservative-, phthalate-, paraben- and chemical-free protection.
Dr. Robin for Kids sunscreen $24

Infused with almond and chamomile, this baby oil is just right for infant massage.
Weleda oil $16

A super-safe soak with just a trace of green tea aroma that’s rich in antioxidants and organic plant oils.
Butt Naked Baby bath soak $18

Itchy, scaly patches on baby’s body (especially his face) may be a sign of eczema. Keep the affected regions
moisturized with a made-for-task ointment, and ask your doctor whether a prescription is in order.
Gentle Naturals cream $9
Tip: There’s no need to bathe your babe every day. Tub sessions more than a few times a week can deplete his sensitive skin of moisture and cause unwanted irritation.
For the bottom

A natural non-petroleum protective jelly is a staple of a good diaper routine.
Live Clean Baby jelly $8

If baby’s bottom becomes irritated, treat the rash with a sure-to-work cream.
Boudreaux’s ointment $9

Without a trace of chlorine in sight, these wipes clean up using aloe vera and vitamin E.
Earth’s Best wipes $6
If baby’s battling a rash, try letting him go bare-bottomed when possible to facilitate the healing process.