Harvey's Diaper Bag Treecycle

By Published On: July 21st, 2014

Sleek and stylish probably aren’t the first words that come […]

Sleek and stylish probably aren’t the first words that come to mind when thinking about a diaper bag; however they might when you see the Harvey’s Diaper Bag Treecycle. This diaper bag is made for fashion conscious, eco-friendly moms. It doesn’t scream diaper bag and will transition to an everyday tote when our little ones are grown. The Treecycle collection is made from reclaimed automotive seatbelts, so we’re also saving yards of seatbelts from landfills!
Harveys-Diaper-Bag-1Practicality has to be the most important feature of a diaper bag, so first let’s talk about the space and pockets. The Treecycle Diaper Bag has a nice-sized, 9” long x 8.5” high, zippered “mom pocket” on the outside of the bag; it can easily hold my wallet, mobile phone, keys, lip balm and sunglasses. Inside there are five pockets: four pockets along the large sides of the bag and one pocket on the narrow end. The narrow end’s pocket holds our son’s bottles and sippy cups well. The four large pockets fit diapers, bibs, food and small items that I want to keep together; they measure 7.75”  long x 6.5”  high. One of the four large pockets has a zippered pocket that measures 5”  long x 4.5” high. The large zipper across the top of the Treecycle Diaper Bag allows full access to all the pockets and the roomy interior. I love the large space inside this bag because it easily allows me to pack extra clothes and toys for our outings. Overall dimensions are 14.75” (length) x 11.5” (height) x 5.75” (width) While I’m on the subject of zippers, this bag’s zippers work smoothly, are very sturdy and will probably work well for many years.
There is one large shoulder strap, and the Treecycle Diaper Bag doesn’t slip off my shoulder.  The strap can also be worn crossbody and is fully adjustable for length (26”-49”). Seatbelt bags tend to be heavy because of their woven seatbelts, but since the Treecycle Diaper Bag is just one layer of seatbelts, it is not heavier than my other diaper bags. The diaper bag includes two stroller straps. They have an adjustable Velcro that allows them to fit tightly on the stroller handles, and then the diaper bag clips onto the straps. I’ve tested the stroller straps on three different strollers, and they have worked well for all of them. I also like how the Treecycle Diaper Bag is slouchy ,so it fits well and is accessible from our larger stroller baskets.
Harveys-Diaper-Bag-3Easy diaper changes are another key function of diaper bags, and this is where the Treecycle Diaper Bag falls short. The changing pad is well-cushioned and sized for about 0-6 months.  It is designed to fold up, be held together with a sewn seatbelt, and placed inside a small, cinched bag. Then this cinched bag goes inside the interior pocket. If you are going to be using the changing pad in friends’ homes, it would work just fine. When I’m heading to a public restroom’s changing table, this changing pad is not very practical.  nzipping the large zipper, digging out the bag, and unfolding the pad becomes a juggling act with a squirmy little one, and then it’s even harder to fold and store the changing pad when finished. I find that the whole changing pad/bag takes a lot of valuable space in the diaper bag. My solution is placing a smaller receiving blanket inside the small cinched bag; this takes up much less space and works well for me. I think moms would choose the Treecycle Diaper Bag because of its versatility beyond the first year, so the impractical changing pad isn’t really a deal-breaker.
The Treecycle Diaper Bag is incredibly durable and will not wear out from use. I’m an avid fan of Harvey’s seatbelt bags and have owned a few of their purses for over 10 years. After years of daily use, each purse has held up so well that I’ve only needed to rotate to keep life interesting. I am certain that this versatile bag will last a long time. There are four metal feet on the bottom, and I like how the bag is raised above surfaces. Diaper bags do get grubby though, and this bag is not machine-washable. I like to toss my diaper bags into the wash, so that’s a little disappointing. Care instructions state that the Treecycle Diaper Bag should be washed with warm, soapy water and a toothbrush. I haven’t had any large spills or messes in this diaper bag yet, and I dread the day when a bottle leaks. Based on my other seatbelt bag experiences, I am sure that this diaper bag will clean well as instructed, and it will need to air-dry overnight before the next use.
Harveys-Seat-Belt-Bag-2The Treecycle Diaper Bag is created by the Harvey’s, and their slogan is “Guaranteed Tough.”  Their seatbelt bags really do stand the test of time, and I expect to use my Treecycle Diaper Bag for many years—maybe even as a gear bag for our children’s weddings someday because they will probably last that long! Though this is a steep price for a diaper bag, it’s not a bad price for a stylish tote that can be used for many years beyond your children’s’ diapering days.
Price: $198
To buy: www.seatbeltbags.com