Harveys Diaper Bag

By Published On: April 14th, 2011

If you are anything like me, you might find it […]

If you are anything like me, you might find it hard to keep your diaper bag in mint condition.
With all the tugging, dragging and rushing about, diaper bags can scratch, stain and fall apart easily. What’s a mom to do? No one wants to buy bag after bag because her own diaper bag fails to keep its promise. When faced with this very dilemma, I knew I had to get something durable. That’s why I was happy to meet the Harveys Diaper Bag. It was love at first sight.
HarveysDiaperBagWould you believe that this bag is made of real automotive grade seatbelts right here in the USA? The Harveys bag comes with sturdy metal rustproof feet reinforced by a heavy duty rivet machine, as well as, top-of-the-line zippers that reduce fraying. To top it off, the bag is sewn with NASA quality grade bonded thread. You can see why my husband loves to carry this bag as much as I do (which just happens to be an added bonus at diaper time!).
With all of this heavy-duty talk, it would be easy to write-off this bag’s stylish quality. The Harveys bag is slick, stylish and comes in the most beautiful apple red color with a silver luxury liner. Every time I carry this bag, it gets compliments and questions and is sure to turn heads.
Since my husband and I both love this bag, you might be wondering how it fits in to baby’s life. The chic bag contains a silver changing mat and a diaper pouch for dirty clothes. The three oversized pockets allow plenty of room for those bottles, wipes and changes of clothes. The large zipper section in the middle helps make sure nothing falls out. The magnetic closure on the outside of the bag is ideal for speedy and safe diaper changes. The bag also comes complete with detachable stroller clips for easy walks through the park. And the outside strap provides comfort and strength while you tote around baby and baby’s goods.
The Harveys Seatbeltbag is undeniably sturdy, and the quality is worth the price. You can bet that this diaper bag won’t wear out! (Harveys backs this statement with a lifetime warranty.) This bag is sure to gain praise from year, after year ,after year, after year … you get the point!
Price: $248
To buy: seatbeltbags.com