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The Happy Wrap is perfect for two things: travel and […]

The Happy Wrap is perfect for two things: travel and hot weather. It is incredibly lightweight and is made from 100 percent organic bamboo viscose. Because the fabric is so thin, wearing it in hot climates is ideal. I recently brought my Happy Wrap on a plane trip down to Florida, and it was so nice to quickly and easily fold it up and throw it in a diaper bag (it’s super compact), or wear it on the plane. And, because it was 85 degrees in sunny Florida, it was wonderful to not need an extra layer of thick fabric bogging me down.

The Happy Wrap is also great to breastfeed in. You can loosen the fabric pretty easily, so it takes no time at all to ease the wrap and scooch baby down. The bamboo fabric creates such a soft wrap. It feels nice and, once it’s on, you barely notice it. They also make some seriously lovely colors to choose from—I have Slate Stripe, which is adorable.

For those of you who think tying a baby wrap is intimidating, I’m here to assure you it’s not. Happy Wrap provides the consumer with a very nice set of pictures that show each step. If you prefer, there are also many videos showing how to tie the wraps for newborns and infants, as well as how to wear your baby. After a little bit of practice, it’s very easy.

Once you have tying the wrap down, it does takes some time to experiment with how tight to make the carrier. I found the bamboo material can make it difficult when trying to fit baby into the wrap. I’ve realized that you have to tie it a little tight in order to prevent your little one from sagging too quickly. However, that makes it somewhat difficult to fit baby in. I’ve read other reviews about the Happy Wrap and parents tend to either say that they find the wrap to be “too stretchy” or “not stretchy enough.” Personally, I wish that the wrap were stretchier so that I could tie the wrap tight and still be able to pull the fabric away from my body to slide baby in.

I also wish the wrap retained its shape for a bit longer. My daughter and I would start out feeling great in the wrap—I’d have her in the proper position (with the fabric on the shoulders spread wide for maximum comfort) and will be walking around hands free … but after about 30 minutes, I’d notice I was using my hand to support my daughter’s bottom because the wrap had stretched. I think adding a little bit of spandex to the fabric would be a game-changer.

Flying down to Florida, this wrap was a lifesaver! For those living in hot climates year-round, or for families who travel a lot, this might be just the wrap for you.

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