Happy day

By Published On: May 7th, 2013

May is one of my favorite months for several reasons. […]

May is one of my favorite months for several reasons. Two of those reasons: my birthday (today!) and Mother’s Day. Since they are usually within a few days of each other, I get double celebrations right on top of each other. It’s pretty awesome. (Particularly because my kids go all out for both occasions, sneaking my craft supplies to make decorations and handmade cards and dropping not-so-subtle hints about what they got me—it’s the best thing ever.)
Although I’m happy with any gift (or no gift!) at all, there are always a few things on my wish list. I’m an easy person to shop for, and apparently also a cheap person—only one of my picks on this year’s list comes in at over $50. Here’s what I love:
Happy day
Happy day by pnmag 

Anything for the kitchen. Canisters and pretty tools make me smile every time. And this cookbook is at the top of my list—I’m as excited about the pictures as I am the recipes.
Closet cases. A person can never have too many felt flower pins, right? (Right!) Chunky bracelets are always a fave. And since my go-to slip-on shoes are looking a little worse for the wear these days, I think it’s time for a new pair of Toms.
Craftiness is happiness. I am obsessed with this fabric and this thread. They are both perfectly me. And although scissors might not seem like the typical birthday request, this pair would make me oh-so very happy. (I guess I’m pretty low maintenance.)
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