Hair apparent

By Published On: June 17th, 2013

Can we talk about the sad state my hair is […]

IMG_6407Can we talk about the sad state my hair is in? I hesitated to write about this, considering that this is a blog about motherhood. But then again, my hair is like this due to the perfect little person that I birthed.
I’ve always been known for my hair. Whether people loved it or hated it, or used it as something to tease me about (There were two boys in 5th grade who nicknamed me static. I was mortified.), my hair is my most defining feature. It’s naturally very curly and very thick. For much of my childhood, it was a big poof radiating from my head, usually adorned with a giant bow. (It was the 80’s after all.) As I’ve grown up, I’ve honed my skills, and even grown to appreciate it, most of the time.
Everyone talks about great pregnancy hair. I can’t say I noticed much of a difference in mine. It’s always been thick. Then I hit four months postpartum and the great hair loss cycle. Oh, it was insane the amount of hair that was falling out of my head! I think that has finally tapered off, but now I’m left with this ring of fuzz around my hairline. I’m guessing it’s new growth? Whatever it is, it is not awesome.
On top of all that, Isaac is obsessed with pulling hair, earrings, necklaces, even removing the shirt from my bosom. There is no way I can wear my hair down these days. It’s not worth the battle. So, I’m left to rock the messy mom bun. I used to think moms were just—dare I say it—too lazy to do their hair. Now I know. At least at this stage, the messy bun is a necessity!
I have an appointment to get my hair cut next week. I have to wonder if it’s even worth it. But on the off chance that we get a date night in the next couple months, where I might be able to wear my hair down, and maybe even wear some jewelry, I suppose I’ll have it cut.
Tell me, moms, what do you do to feel put together and pretty during this phase of “grab all the things”?