Guava Family GoCrib

By Published On: November 2nd, 2010

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love […]

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love the Guava Family GoCrib. We’re a very active family, and this portable baby play/sleep space has allowed us to introduce our newest addition to our lifestyle with ease. We use it almost every weekend at my older son’s soccer games, and it’s always a big hit on the sidelines. We also took it along on a recent weekend family camping trip: Being able to secure our crawler in a space that still let him feel like part of the party was wonderful, because it allowed us more attention for the bigger kids than we would have had otherwise (and saved us the stress of chasing a baby around a campsite).
GuavaFamilyGoCribWhenever Garrett is hanging out in his GoCrib, he seems happy. He’s content to sit there and play with his toys or peek through the mesh sides at the world around him, and it must be comfortable to sleep in, because he naps in there frequently with no complaints or problems. My husband can’t get over how easy it is to take the GoCrib places—it’s very lightweight and comes in its own backpack, and setup is almost effortless. You simply pull the crib out, inflate it, and you’ve got a soft and sturdy place for your little one to play or nap. (Disassembly is just as easy—I love that you can just stuff the crib in its bag without any time-consuming folding or rolling technique.) We usually keep it in the car so it’s always with us when we need it, and that probably wouldn’t be an option with a larger play yard or travel crib.
The GoCrib is much sturdier than I expected. When I heard I would be testing an inflatable travel crib, I immediately thought that it would be flimsy. I worried that my little one might even be able to flip it over if he pushed against the sides. But I knew as soon as I blew up the GoCrib for the first time that those fears were unfounded: Thanks to its rigid inflation technology (a term I borrowed from the Guava Family website) and wide base, it’s incredibly tough and durable, and we’ve had no problems with it rocking or falling due to Garrett’s movements. I truly love this product and have already recommended it to several friends. I was surprised when I saw the price for this crib—it isn’t cheap!—but I couldn’t live without mine. It’s right up there with the backpack carrier in our arsenal of favorite baby supplies and is a must-have for active families like ours.
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