Growing and changing

By Published On: February 18th, 2013

Isaac has been getting cuter and cuter every day. He’s […]


Isaac has been getting cuter and cuter every day. He’s also been getting bigger. Today, I cut the tags from all his 6-month clothes so I could wash them and we can start transitioning his wardrobe. For those of you who are counting, you’ll note that he’s not yet 4 months old. What can I say? He’s a big boy. People keep asking me how much he weighs, and to tell the truth, I’m not really sure. I’m guessing somewhere in the range of 16 lbs, but we’ll know for sure on the 22nd when we go for his 4-month checkup.
He laughed for the first time on Super Bowl Sunday. I found the perfect tickle spot on hischest, and he let out the sweetest little laugh that can only be described as angelic. I was able to reenact it later that evening for Jon, but he’s been super stingy with his giggles ever since. We’ve gotten a few chuckles here and there, but he’s holding back on that sweetness for the most part now. I can’t wait ‘til he lets it rip.
I also think he might be starting to show signs of teething. He’s drooling non-stop. He’s been fussier than usual. He’s not been sleeping as well lately, and his appetite seems off. I always thought teething happened much later, but he is almost 4 months old, and they say the symptoms can start up to 3 months before they cut their first tooth, so it is entirely possible. I broke out the teething rings today too, and he did seem to enjoy them.
For a long time, I was getting emotional about how much he was growing, and how fast things were changing. But then I realized, that is just how it is. He’s a growing boy, and the fleeting nature of it is part of its beauty. I’m still feeling myself tearing up as I type that. My heartstrings are pulling, and everything within me just wants him to slow down already. But, I know he won’t.
It does make it easier that he gets more fun every day. He’s cooing up a storm, and will carry on lengthy “conversations” with you if you’ll indulge him. He’s starting to notice things around him too. It’s amazing to watch him discover the world around him, and I know it’s only going to get better and better. Every day I love this thing calledmotherhood more.