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Meet ‘n’ greet Work: Founder of fitness community and lifestyle […]

Meet ‘n’ greet

Work: Founder of fitness community and lifestyle brand, Tone It Up (@toneitup)
Home: Manhattan Beach, California
Daughter: Isabelle (named after her grandma)
Partner: Brian Scott
Sign: Scorpio
Song on repeat: “Beyond” by Leon Bridges
Era: ’70s, baby
Babymoon: Santorini, Positano and Capri
Kicks: Adidas and APL
Clothes: I love too many things! I usually shop online at Free People, Revolve or Planet Blue because I love the designers they feature.
Instagram: @katrinaascott

Do you have a style inspiration?
I tend to gravitate toward the ’70s. I love all earth tones like sandy brown, gold, copper and mustard yellow. Oh, and I love washed denim.

What have you been wearing during your pregnancy?
This is my first baby! I bought a few maternity staples from Naked Wardrobe—white, black and gray knit dresses and rompers. I also have the maternity leggings from Avocado, which have been my go-to pants for working out or running to the store.

What trend are you a sucker for these days?
I’m totally into the dress-with-kicks look. (Mostly for comfort reasons.)

What percentage of time are you rocking workout gear/athleisure wear?
80 percent!

Do you have a style philosophy that you practice?
If you wear the pants you love, you’ll run the extra mile.

What is the best compliment you’ve received, style-wise or otherwise?
Style-wise, I actually got best-dressed in high school, and I’ve been trying to live up to that since (but not sure if that’s possible, haha). Otherwise, I think just being told you’re a good girlfriend always makes you feel really good. I hope the women in my life know how much I care about them.

Are you a more-is-more or less-is-more type of woman?
Less-is-more, unless it’s a special occasion, then go extra all the way!

What is Tone It Up and how did it come to life?
Tone It Up is a fitness community and lifestyle brand. I co-founded it with my best friend Karena Dawn after meeting at the gym! We wanted to create a space for women to connect and feel empowered to achieve their dreams. Tone It Up is positive, loving and fun! We offer fitness videos, free daily workouts on our app, and beauty and lifestyle articles on

I think it came to life when other women in the community started connecting with each other over workouts, being a mom and whatever journey they’re on. It’s truly so special to witness the lifelong friendships that are forming in our community.

What advice do you have for expectant and new moms wanting to get in their very best shape for themselves and for baby?
The more love you can give yourself first, the more love you can give to others (aka your little munchkin). It doesn’t mean working out hours a day either—we work out about 30 minutes and we’re done! As for nutrition, eating well is a form of self-love and respect. Fuel your body with the foods it deserves. You’ll feel more healthy and energized to take on the day as a mama, too. I actually filmed an entire prenatal workout program that’s in our app, and I’ll be working on my postnatal series, also! The workouts are short and fun—‘Baby Got Back’ is my fave.

How does one stay focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle?
As we get busier and we take on motherhood, having a schedule and routine is more important than ever. Make exercise, meal prep and self-care part of your schedule as a mama. Pencil in when it’s time for you and your workouts. Without making it a priority, you’ll naturally nurture everyone else around you instead, so commit to making it part of your day.

What else should we know about you?
That I’m always here. No matter what you’ve been through, what you’re currently going through, and your goals for the future, I know that you can achieve all that your heart wants! Karena and I are always here along with the Tone It Up community to support you in your goals. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world—and it’s also the most rewarding, so let’s be on this journey together.

By Erin Shea Long

Images: Courtesy of Katrina Scott