Grandma magic

By Published On: January 28th, 2013

Written by: Jennifer Davis January 27 2013 What are these […]

Written by: Jennifer Davis

What are these grandmas doing that I’m not!?
Consistently, Isaac gets up at least once a night for a feeding. Sometimes twice, and on rare occasion I have to go in there a time or two to soothe him as well.
But, the strangest thing has happened. The two times that we’ve gone out for the evening and left him with grandmas (once with my mom, and once with my mother-in-law), he has been asleep when we got home, and then slept all the way through the night. We’re talking 9+ hours!
On a side note, I realize how spoiled we are to have seven (yes, SEVEN) grandparents on our lives. Not to mention he’s the first grandbaby for all. Can you say “spoiled”?!Between the four houses, we could easily have a night to ourselves once a week without ever feeling like we’re imposing. We are so very grateful that our parents love him so much.
Anyway, 9+ hours, people! At first I was concerned that the grandmas had slipped him something. Perhaps rice cereal? There’s a big debate between us (the parents) and our mothers (the grandmas) about rice cereal. Apparently back in their day, they were feeding us rice cereal at a couple weeks old. Therefore, Isaac must be starving without it! Yep, they also threw us in the back of conversion vans to bounce around while driving down the highway, never once considering we should be in carseats. But, they both swear they only fed him milk or formula.
I think they must just have a magical grandma touch. I’m sure he has a blast with them, and I know there’s nothing they love more. He must just get so exhausted from the doting, or they relax him tremendously.
Either way, the next time I could use some extra sleep, I’m going out for the evening and leaving him with Grandma.