Graco Swing ‘n Bounce Infant 2-in-1 Swing

By Published On: September 1st, 2010

Graco is a well-known brand with new moms, and I […]

Graco is a well-known brand with new moms, and I was happy to receive their 2-in-1 swing to review! The swing and bouncer combo is handy, and it saves space and money. The design is classy, with a sleek body and beautiful fabric on the seat. I would not be ashamed to house this model in my living room, the colors are so soothing and chic. The cloth seat pad is very comfortable for baby and is conveniently machine washable.
Graco_0The overhead toy bar is also great, but as the baby matures, the plush bears will not be within reach; a longer or adjustable cord might have been better to keep baby engaged. Another great feature is the included infant pad. This insures a newborn a comfy and safe ride and is removable when he/she gets bigger (up to 25 pounds)! The swing is great: the six speeds work seamlessly. The motor glides from one speed to another in a safe manner. The music is also fabulous and will keep baby happy. The volume adjusts from low to just loud enough. The controls were also very user friendly and easy to read by the pictures painted on each button.
As for the bouncer, it is also a valuable tool to use with a new baby and comes off of the swing base very easily. The vibrating motor on the bouncer works well and has two settings. The requirement of “D” batteries is a little expensive, but the battery life can be saved with the handy programmable timers.
This 2-in-1 is a great buy. The pros of this model outweigh the cons by a long shot! I only had a few problems with it: It was a little difficult to assemble, since the instruction booklet was at times confusing. It took me about an hour to put it together. The other problem was the “nature” sounds feature. When I pressed the button, instead of hearing a bird or water sounds, I heard a gurgling sound. I think it was probably either damaged in shipment or this particular feature doesn’t perform as well as the music feature.
I would recommend this swing/bouncer combo to a friend based on the stylish design and the convenience of the 2-in-1 combo. It would make a great addition to any baby registry!
Price: $130
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