Graco SnugRider Elite Stroller

By Published On: February 11th, 2013

I couldn’t wait to use the Graco SnugRider Elite Stroller […]

I couldn’t wait to use the Graco SnugRider Elite Stroller with my Graco SnugRide Click Connect 40 Car Seat. Luckily, assembly was very straightforward and required no tools. The manual includes both illustrations and written instructions. All of the pieces snapped into place easily and the entire assembly took less than 10 minutes. The car seat snaps into the caddy easily using the same simple click mechanism used to snap it into the car seat base.
GracoSnugRiderElite There are several features that make this caddy appealing. First and foremost, for me, is its size and weight. It’s constructed of lightweight aluminum, which makes it very easy for me to lift in and out of my car by myself. It also boasts a one-handed open and closing feature which, for the most, part works very well. As every new mom knows, every second saved getting into or out of the car is a gift, so the SnugRider’s ease of use is a godsend. It takes up about half the space of a full-sized stroller and can fit nicely into a small trunk, making it ideal for travel.GracoSnugRiderElite3
In general I use this caddy for strolls around the neighborhood, quick errands, and day care pick up and drop off. (My little lady is just too chubby to haul her around in her car seat without a set of wheels underneath it.) If a full size stroller with an extra canopy is unnecessary, you can bet I’ll be using the SnugRider instead. The plastic wheels seem to work best on pavement or other smooth surfaces, but it isn’t meant to replace a jogging stroller. It does, however, handle the bumps and curbs surrounding our neighborhood’s sidewalks very well. There are two standard cup holders on the upper tray that may not fit a wide-based water bottle but work well for the average tumbler.
In addition, there is a height-adjustable handle that is easy to move up and down. It’s an ideal feature for my husband (who stands a full foot taller than me) and me. We have both found that the height of the handle works well for us, not requiring us to hunch over or stretch. And we can even switch pushers mid-walk without taking but a few seconds to adjust. GracoSnugRiderElite3
There is an under the seat storage basket that holds most basic needs. The two back wheels lock separately using a foot brake and stay put very well without feeling loose. After a couple months of use with my newborn, the SnugRiderI would recommend this caddy for everyday use and for travel as well.
Price: $90
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