Graco Relay Click Connect Stroller

By Published On: June 23rd, 2014

My husband and I lead pretty active lives, so the […]

My husband and I lead pretty active lives, so the decision to get a jogging stroller was an easy one to make. Which one to choose, however, took a little more research. We didn’t want to spend too much money but wanted a good quality stroller. After reading reviews and trying out floor models at the store, we were thrilled to be offered the opportunity to test the Graco Relay Click Connect Stroller.
GracoRelay1The jogging stroller arrived with minimal assembly required. The directions were extremely easy to follow, but if you had any kind of assembly experience, you wouldn’t even need the directions. Everything clicked into place quickly, and the stroller was ready to be used within five minutes of opening the box.
This jogger is fantastic! The shoulder straps offer several different lengths to accommodate small and tall children comfortably, and unlike other models, the lap belt is also easy to adjust. Our 4-year-old son enjoys riding along with my husband on runs around the neighborhood and park. And our 2-year-old enjoys her turns in the saddle as well. Alternating the 5-point harness to fit either child is a breeze. Worth noting: Maximum passenger capacity is 50 pounds.
The large UV50 canopy is one of my favorite features of jogger. It helps ensure I don’t worry too much about my child kiddos baking in the sun. There is plenty of shade, and we like that there is a peekaboo screen that allows the runner to keep an eye on the occupant. This also allows for some airflow, keeping the area under the canopy from getting stuffy.
The large, air-filled tires and premium suspension make for a smooth ride. The jogger handles bumps with no problem and is easy to steer. Our son says he doesn’t even notice the curbs! We take our it to the park, the mall and along the sidewalks in our neighborhood. Because the front wheel can be set to swivel mode or locked mode, navigation is simple and convenient.
GracoRelay2The basket under the stroller is enough for an average sized diaper bag, but doesn’t hold much else. I guess this is to be expected on a product that is meant to be streamlined. The stroller does offer car seat compatibility for use as a travel system. Although our children are too old to take advantage of this feature, I would certainly consider it a perk.
There are two things I would change about the jogger if I could. The most important one is that I would prefer an adjustable handle. My husband and I are different heights, and we’d be most comfortable pushing a stroller different handlebar heights. Although this is not a deal breaker for us, it’s is something to consider.
The second issue with the stroller is that it doesn’t stand on its own when folded down. It folds down with one hand, but then lies somewhat awkwardly on the floor. This stroller’s release handle is in the seat. You pull up on the release handle, and it easily folds down. But the seat fabric on the outside, leaving it susceptible to dirt, etc., especially when it’s hanging out on the floor of our garage.
Other than these minor changes, we thoroughly enjoy using the Graco Relay. We feel that it is fairly priced and would recommend it to anyone.
Price: $350
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