Graco Jump N Jive Doorway Jumper

By Published On: February 7th, 2011

The Jump ‘N Jive Doorway Jumper is a fun option […]

The Jump ‘N Jive Doorway Jumper is a fun option when your child is holding up his head unassisted and eager for new and engaging activities. The basic concept is an entertaining update of classic doorway jumpers. The Jump ‘N Jive comes complete with a tray, colorful machine washable seat, detachable toys, and best of all, a musical play pad that can be used separately from the jumper when my daughter surpasses the 25 pound weight limit.
GracoJumperThe Jump ‘N Jive has given me a very light and portable way to keep my daughter entertained but stationary while I cook dinner or clean up around the house. The playpad has been a great addition to the basic doorway jumper I used with my first three children. My baby enjoys hearing the music when she moves, and her brothers have a blast using it as a dance pad. However, I also have had to be very mindful of her brothers swinging or bouncing the jumper while she is in it.
Although I love that the height is easily adjusted, I do wish it could be lifted a bit higher (the maximum height is about 80 inches). I feel like my little one would have been more encouraged to stand and jump when I first began using this product if her legs were a few inches higher off the ground. Overall, I feel this product is very affordable and worth purchasing. I would especially recommend it to moms who are looking for an activity for their little ones but do not have a lot of space to store something as large as an Exersaucer.
Price: $45
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