Graco DuetSoothe Swing + Rocker

By Published On: November 21st, 2013

The Graco DuetSoothe Swing + Rocker has been a great […]

The Graco DuetSoothe Swing + Rocker has been a great help with our newborn. She is 4 weeks old now, and we have been using it since we got her home from the hospital. It is very calming, with the ability to swing front to back or side to side. And the vibration, music, and nature sounds all seem to help relax our daughter as well.
Graco-DuetSoothe-Swing-+-Rocker-3At first, the swing seemed pretty simple. The manual seemed pretty basic, but it was difficult to know which piece went where in the first couple steps of assembly. Once that was figured out, it was not too difficult to put together. It took me about 30 minutes, but that was while I was playing with our other child and quite distracted. I’m sure it could be done much faster, probably in 10 or 15 minutes, if necessary. There were no tools required.
Once I had the rocker assembled, one of the first things we noticed is how much floor space it takes up. It really does take up about 3′ x 3′ of floor space and is about 3.5 feet tall. Fortunately, we have a large family room that allows for it, and it is well worth letting it take up that amount of space for all the function it has. Plus, the swing itself looks very nice. It even comes in four different color schemes to suit your decor. However, if you do have a tight space, you would likely be walking around this swing quite a bit. It would not be something you would want to travel with or try to squeeze into a closet. That being said, the swing is quite handsome and seems to be of high quality and durable. Our 35-pound, 21-month-old son was hanging on it (when the infant was not in it of course!), and it seemed to hold up just fine. (Although we’re not promoting it for use with a toddler, mind you—just demonstrating its sturdiness.)
GracoDuetSootheSwing+Rocker4Another feature that I love is the fact that you can plug it into the wall or use batteries. We mostly keep it in one space so being able to plug it in is great. If you’re familiar with changing batteries in some sort of kids’ toy every single day, you’ll likely appreciate this as well.
Our baby seems very comfortable in the seat. She is happy in this swing for long stretches of time, both asleep and awake. Sometimes, just switching from rocking side to side to front to back is enough to keep her entertained for an extra little while. She was 7 pounds when we brought her home, and there was ample support to accommodate her at that petite size. Plus, some of the padding can be removed, so she should be able to fit in it as she continues to grow. The swing is safe for children up to 30 pounds, and there is a five-point restraint to keep your child in place. Our baby actually likes the restraint—it seems to help her feel secure and almost swaddled.
The swing is very easy to clean also. The surfaces are easily wipeable, and, the pieces of the seat cover all come off to be machine washable. When you have a little one, you know how important that can be!
GracoDuetSootheSwing+Rocker2There is the option of lifting swing seat off its frame for use as a rocker. This is pretty handy, especially when you want to be in another part of the house but don’t want to wake the baby—just pick up the rocker portion and take it with you! The vibration mechanism is attached to this rocker piece, so that helps keep the baby soothed, too.
All in all, for under $200 this swing can be a lifesaver to help you keep your peace of mind and keep your baby happy!
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