Graco Direct Connect Monitor

By Published On: January 6th, 2011

Written by: Rebekah January 05 2011 Electronics are not really […]

Written by: Rebekah

Electronics are not really my thing. In fact, when I registered for a baby monitor while I was pregnant with my first child, I am pretty sure I picked the one in the prettiest box (a choice soon changed by my more knowledgeable husband). After our son was born, I quickly learned how important a quality baby monitor is and how inadequate that prettily boxed monitor would have been.

Now pregnant with our second child, I have been looking for a second monitor. This time around I had the experience to know that the Graco Direct Connect Digital Monitor looked like just the right choice for us. We have been very pleased with this monitor so far. The sound on the monitor is clear and does not pick up interference from any wireless devices in our house or the houses surrounding us. The volume levels are great—loud enough for a noisy living room and quiet enough for our bedroom while we sleep.

I love that this monitor tells us the temperature in our child's room. We recently moved our son into a new room that is larger and draftier than his old room. We have been concerned about him being cold at night, and this monitor allows us to know the temperature in his new room without having to walk in throughout the night.

The nightlight feature allows the parent to remotely turn the nightlight on the child's device to low, high or off. Our son sleeps best when is his room completely dark, so the nightlight option allows us to give ourselves some light when we go in to check on him before we go to bed but leave his room dark the rest of the time. We have not used the intercom feature much yet, but I imagine it will be nice as our son grows and especially as he moves out of his crib into a regular bed. Both the child and parent devices are small, taking up little room on a nightstand. The battery life on the parent device is longer than I expected.It easily operates on its battery throughout the whole night, which means no “low battery” beeping in the middle of the night to wake us up.

I am very pleased with this monitor and would definitely recommend it to any parent.It is great for a newborn, but it also has features that are appropriate for older children.It does exactly what I expect a monitor to do and a few things that I didn't even think to hope for in a monitor. The quality of this product makes it much, much more than a pretty box!

Price: $60