Going past your due date

By Published On: November 21st, 2012

Written by: Lesley Graham November 20 2012 Ok, so I […]

Written by: Lesley Graham

Ok, so I do think there is some psychological warfare that goes into play when you go past your due date. Even if it’s called your “due month,” that date tends to reign supreme. It’s something I highlighted and circled in my planner, it’s been this mile marker for the past nine + months. To say that it doesn’t matter is quite frankly impossible. I think too, particularly when you have other children and you’re trying to plan for them and you can’t, it creates all sorts of anxiety.

I will say that the anticipation and excitement of the big day is pretty fantastic. I also love that our circle of friends and family are rooting for us and checking in. It’s all great, even if there is little to nothing to report. My sweet Mom was calling me every morning to ask “how I was feeling?” I had to politely request that she stop doing that because I felt like a watched pot that was never going to boil. My darling husband who had previously been trepidacious and wary of a newborn is now asking excitedly if “we’re going to have a baby today?!” Each day that passes I feel like I’m letting everyone down.

People love to tell you their stories too, don’t they? I personally was always a big fan of the “she came twelve days early” stories. I held onto those tightly. Unfortunately the ones I’ve heard more often than not are of the “he was two weeks late” or “ten days late” variety. I really don’t want to hear those. My mom told me this week that she was late with all three of us… comforting. In the middle of the night I check all sorts of forums about “signs of labor” and I’m pretty sure that it’s obvious but I continue to read them “just in case.”

I’ve also been reading up on all of the natural ways to induce labor: sex (scary), walking (I’m so tired), pineapple, castor oil (eek), scrubbing floors, etc and so forth. Everyone has an induction story and I love hearing them. So far however all I’ve done is gone to Scallini’s to have their famous baby-inducing eggplant parmesan (no dice). I had an instagram friend that was 13 days past her due date (worst fear) and every day I was checking in on her and waiting. I could sense her despair growing with each passing day. She finally had her adorable bundle a couple of days ago. I was SO excited to see the post and also living a bit vicariously. They do come out!

I’ll continue to try and be patient. I know she’ll come when she’s good and ready. I’m making a grocery list of food to make for the weekend. Several generous souls have shared their favorite recipes to freeze and I also pinned a bunch here. I’m also going to try and get my eldest well, she’s had this lovely preschool cold for weeks and I’m going to attempt to focus on other things, like trashy magazines. I mean these last few days (er weeks) have taken “one track mind” to a whole ‘nother level. I’m getting on my own nerves.

Did you go overdue? How did you deal? Be gentle and don’t tell me if you were three weeks late… it’s more than I can handle!