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Often, when it comes to nursery design, less really can […]

Often, when it comes to nursery design, less really can be more. When little Evie Sterbenz’s mom, Katie, designed her daughter’s space, she had one goal: “I wanted a room that was sweet, simple and a place Evie could grow into.” By not cramming every corner with decor or piling up “extras” throughout the room, she created a nursery that is light, airy and downright enviable. Plus, it’s a look anyone can achieve because it’s affordable, too.

On picking the perfect hues
“I love the combination of blush, white, gray and wood and looked for items that reflected this color scheme.”

A mother’s touch
Doing it yourself adds a personal—and often budget-friendly—something extra to baby’s nursery decor. Evie’s mom rolled up her sleeves and got busy making macramé plant hangers, painting a tiny wood house and dressing up jars with gold spray-painted animal figurines. She also contributed some wall art: “I made Evie’s dream catcher using yarn, lace and other trimmings,” Sterbenz shares.

“It’s great having a mirror in the nursery. It’s so fun to watch Evie interact with her reflection and learn new things.”

Good luck
“I had seen an amazing midcentury modern dresser on Instagram. Someone was selling it, but it had some damage on the top surface and seemed a little too expensive. But I thought about it for weeks, wishing I had purchased it. About a month later, my husband and I were looking for a dresser in a used furniture store, and the same style dresser I had seen on Instagram was for sale—in better condition and for a cheaper price!”

Sitting pretty
“The rocking chair matters! With my son, Henry, we picked a rocking chair that was visually pleasing but not comfortable. With Evie, I wanted to make sure we purchased a chair that was both visually pleasing and comfortable. It was a bit more than we had wanted to spend but totally worth it.”

Less is more
“I love that Evie’s room is simple. It’s so easy for nurseries to become cluttered, and believe me, we have our share of messes. But ultimately, it’s a simple, sweet place for her to rest and play.”

Photography by Rennai Hoefer