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By Published On: May 29th, 2012
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Here are a few non-medical methods for getting labor going.[Note: […]

Here are a few non-medical methods for getting labor going.[Note: Always consult your health care provider before attempting any labor-inducing practice.]

  • Sex. Orgasm makes the body release prostaglandin and oxytocin, both hormones that cause your uterus to contract. (Semen also contains prostaglandin.) A pregnant woman can have sex right up until her baby is born, unless she has been advised not to because of bleeding or other concerns.
  • Nipple stimulation. Similar to intercourse, pinching, rubbing or otherwise manipulating the nipples releases oxytocin and promotes uterine contraction.
  • Physical activity. Exercise like riding a stationary bike or swimming can help baby get in position for birth. By walking, squatting and doing lunges, the body can open up and settle baby down into the pelvis.
  • Castor oil. One of the more unpleasant options, drinking castor oil dehydrates your body and makes your intestines contract (often causing painful diarrhea), which releases prostaglandin.
  • Acupressure. If your body is close to labor, certain pressure points in the body can be pressed or rubbedto bring about contractions.

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