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By Published On: June 21st, 2012
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I’m a mom, not a terrorist! Airport security checkpoints are […]

I’m a mom, not a terrorist!
Airport security checkpoints are especially tricky when you’re traveling with a baby. Here are some points to consider:

  • Passengers under 18 do not need photo ID. However, if you’re traveling internationally, your baby will need a passport (and visa where required).
  • Everything nonhuman goes through the X-ray machine. Baby carriers, strollers and car seats belong on the conveyor belt. (Yes, this will hold up the line—sorry, folks!)
  • You’ll walk through the metal detector holding your baby. If you beep, a security officer will screen both parent and child, but you should not be asked to put your baby down.
  • Breast milk, baby formula and juice are exceptions to the usual liquid rules. These liquids can be carried on in excess of 3 ounces, as long as they’re in reasonable quantities. When you put your bags through the X-ray, remove any filled baby bottles and declare their contents to the nearest security officer (no plastic bag necessary).
  • Kids age 12 and under may leave their shoes on.

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