3 items you need for baby

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Are you expecting and wondering what’s needed to get through […]

Are you expecting and wondering what’s needed to get through the day with a tiny tagalong? While some boxes are an easy check (diapers for changing, bottles for feeding), it’s worth the time and effort to think about what you’ll need and where you plan to take it, so life with your newbie can be more manageable for your lifestyle and budget.

Stroller: We like to think we are trusted friends in the area of baby gear advice, so please hear us when we say not all strollers are created equally! New advancements allow for safe and easy mobility without sacrificing on features. It’s never been easier to find a stroller that meets the needs of your daily schedule and wallet. The Smart stroller is compact (great for packed grocery aisles), easy to fold (necessary for smaller apartment closets), has puncture-proof tires (if you’re near patchy sidewalks or areas with construction) and comes with added elements for poor weather and extra leg room, so your wee one is always comfortable.

Highchair: If you like the thought of getting extended use out of your gear, a seat that grows with your baby is a great option. Longevity is a prime factor to consider when making a purchase or creating a registry, and the Poppy seat converts from a traditional high chair to a personal child seat for toddlers and preschoolers. It’s easy to clean (including being dishwasher safe), easy on the eyes, and it won’t end up on a shelf in the garage after a few months of use. But should you need to stash it in a pinch, removable back legs make storage ease-peasy.

Carrier: Keeping your hands free with a wrap or sling style carrier can be helpful when eating a quick lunch or doing something simple like folding laundry, but not every carrier is good for strenuous activity. If your lifestyle includes getting outdoors for a little extra adventure, a structured pick can create a safe environment for your wee passenger without slowing you down. We love the Escape backpack carrier with breathable body support, mini foot stirrups for improved child circulation, and a slide adjust safety harness for customized protection.

This post was made in partnership with phil&teds, a line of quality-made products helping parents get the most out of their baby gear.