Baby Jogger Vue Lite Travel System

By Published On: June 8th, 2015

I am very happy to be reviewing the Baby Jogger […]

I am very happy to be reviewing the Baby Jogger Vue Lite Travel System. It’s a super chic and lightweight stroller/car seat combo with convenient reversible seating and canopy.
The sleek travel system stroller weighs in at only 14 pounds and is available in three different colors: gray, cherry and aqua. I have the aqua color, and I love it. The car seat is designed to fit babies up to 35 pounds, and the stroller can carry children up to 55 pounds. It’s safe to say I’m looking forward to using it for many years with my little one.
There are two big selling points for me when it comes to this winning combo. First, The stroller seat can be adjusted to face forward or face mom. This is a rare feat for an umbrella-style stroller, and it’s not something I take for granted. Adjusting the seat to be front-facing or rear-facing is easily accomplished by squeezing the top of the seat and moving it to your desired location. Same idea with the footrests—just squeeze the sides to move them into the position (up, down or straight). I adore being able to have my daughter face me when we’re out and about. (We make silly faces and “chat” all the way through our Target runs.) As she gets older, I look forward to switching the seat around, so she can face the world and take it all in.
The second key feature for me is the stroller’s car seat compatibility. It works in conjunction with the City Go car seat and is ideal for those early months with your little one before she’s old enough to sit up in the main stroller. Because the stroller is so lightweight and compact, we didn’t feel any need to purchase a “stroller frame” to use with the car seat. Nor did we end up with a bulky travel system that we’d switch out for a lightweight stroller six months in. In my opinion, streamlining gear is always a good thing, and this combo allowed us to do just that.
BabyJoggerVueLightCarSeatFolding and unfolding the stroller is fairly simple and once collapsed, it locks into place—this guarantees it doesn’t accidentally reopen as you’re slinging it into the car! It also comes with a carry handle on the side for easy lifting and transporting. The rear wheel brake is easy to engage with your foot, and the front wheels can be locked, too, so they won’t swivel around on grassy or uneven surfaces.
Moving onto the City Go car seat … I love how lightweight it is (especially because my girl keeps getting heavier)! The car seat comes pretty much ready to go; the difficult part is attempting to follow the pictures and instructions for adjusting the harness straps and the car seat adapters to the stroller. However, once you’ve gone through the steps a couple times, you get the hang of it pretty quickly.
BabyJoggerVueLightReverseWhen it came time to put the car seat base into our car, my husband and I were both pleasantly surprised at the ease of the base installation. The instructions and pictures were clear, and the manual covered several different options depending on your type of car and seatbelt situation. This car seat is really great for traveling in taxis, rental cars or friends’ cars because Baby Jogger specifically designed it to be used safely without the base—a big plus if you live in the city!
Is there anything I’d change about the stroller? Well, I am a little disappointed by the lack of cup holders. When walking down the paved sidewalk, the stroller can be maneuvered with one hand, so it is possible to walk while holding a drink, but it’s definitely not the most convenient option. Of course, you can purchase a separate single cup holder attachment ($25) or a parent console ($35) that fits onto the handlebars with a cup holder, a covered pouch and secondary cup or phone holder.
Additionally, this stroller does not have a peekaboo window in canopy. I tend to enjoy checking in on my little lady regularly, so I’d add this feature if I could.
BabyJoggerVueLightCanopyThe storage capacity of the stroller is small, so it’s best to pack a light load for outings or bring along a backpack-style diaper bag that you can carry while pushing. The main storage compartment is located underneath the seat, which you access through releasing a Velcro strip. Beware: It doesn’t hold much! (Think a swaddle blanket or a diaper clutch). However, when the seat is facing forward, you can create another little storage area by turning up the rear footrest. Again, this makeshift storage compartment will not hold a whole lot, but it’s somewhere else you can stash a few of your items.
All in all, I’ve really enjoyed the Baby Jogger Vue Lite Travel System! I would recommend this product to friends of infants and toddlers because of its maneuverability, reversible seat and canopy, and lightweight and sleek design—not to mention its price point, which is incredibly reasonable! I will definitely hang on to the stroller for years as my baby grows.
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