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By Published On: March 1st, 2010

Written by: Candace February 28 2010 Before Charlie was even […]

Written by: Candace

Before Charlie was even born I knew that cloth diapers were something that I wanted to try, but I was just so darn scared! I imagined hours of scrubbing stinky yucky diapers, so I kept buying disposables because it was just “easier.”

Well, finally I got up the nerve to put my disposables aside and give cloth a whirl. I knew that my success or failure would have a lot to do with the kind of cloth diapers I decided to use, so I really did my research before settling on gDiapers. They met my two main criteria: comfortable for baby, easy for mom to use and clean.

gDiapers are very unique: They aren’t just cloth diapers but also have a handy biodegradable option. They have a great website that shows not only how to use their diapers, but also how their gRefills compare to their disposable counterparts. (I was amazed to learn that disposables take 500 years to decompose!)

I started out with gDiapers about three weeks ago. I got the Sweet Bundle, which is quite a deal. It comes with 6 little gPants and 12 gCloth inserts, and I decided to try the biodegradable gRefills as well. I was relieved at just how simple they are to use. I had to wash them before I could use them (which I always do with Charlie’s new clothes anyway)—the directions say to wash them six times before the first use, but I was a little impatient and only washed them twice. After breezing through the directions, I had Charlie in his first gDiaper, and I have to tell you—he looked absolutely adorable in it!

Charlie in his first gDiaper

Now, like every mother who has just put her child in his first cloth diaper, I was dreading that first poopy change. Much to my dismay I didn’t have to wait long—he hit me with a stinky one right off the bat. But to my delight, it just peeled right off the cloth insert! It was way easier (and cleaner) than I expected. I have since also learned that you can wash disposable wipes and layer those in the diaper, then just peel them off and throw them away with the poopy attached. It really could not be easier. We were having some problems with diaper leaks before we started using gDiapers, which is one of the reasons I decided to finally give them a try, and we have not had a single leak since we swapped!

I also had the opportunity to try the gRefills, which I adore for when we are out of the house. They are so easy to dispose of: Just rip, swish, and flush or add to your home compost. There are super easy directions for gDiapers on their website (in video form, which I love). I am also planning on using them this summer when we go on vacation so that we are able to use cloth but don’t have to wash. I am just so surprised that cloth could be this easy. I actually prefer gDiapers to disposables—they are my new best friend!

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