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I couldn’t wait to take the gb X1 Urban Runner out […]

I couldn’t wait to take the gb X1 Urban Runner out for a stroll in the city! Previously, I only had a standard stroller for my 6-month-old, which makes long city walks a bit challenging. With the Urban Runner, I was not disappointed. Just as gb promised, I felt that I could walk or jog on any terrain and my baby would have a smooth ride!

I am not one to assemble things on my own, but I was determined to do this while my husband was at work. So, when I pulled the jogger out of the box, I was happy to find that it was almost fully put together. It was a breeze to read the directions, which were numbered with easy to follow steps and clear pictures. The instructions didn’t indicate any need for tools—what a relief!

The stroller came already folded with the back tires off, but they easily slid into place by pushing a button in the center of the tire. For me, the hardest part was figuring out how to open the stroller. Keep in mind you need both hands on the handlebar to open the stroller until it clicks fully into place. All in, we were ready to go for a cruise in less than 15 minutes!

At first glance, the stroller looked big, but I love the sleek look. I liked the neutral gray/black colors with bright blue accent color. The handle bar has three height adjustments, making it easier for me and my husband to switch back and forth while walking or jogging together. I also liked the padded shoulder straps and the huge canopy to protect my baby from the sun or the cold winter wind. The canopy has a small peekaboo window that I love.

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There’s also a big storage space under the seat to place some loose items in for while we are out shopping or jogging. My favorite feature, though, is that the stroller folds up very easily and can be stored in the trunk of my car. I have an SUV, and I am able to slide this stroller right into the back. And because it’s a small fold (gb touts it as the “smallest fold of any in its class”), I could stand it up in the bottom of the coat closet regardless of whether I left the wheels on or took them off. This is definitely a plus given that I live in a city row home.

Initially, my daughter looked nervous when I placed her in the stroller, but after I adjusted the seat angle she seemed more comfortable. It’s an easy adjustment to move the angle of the seat. To sit up more, push the back seat frame up and squeeze the button on the adjuster. To recline, push button on the adjuster and pull down the strap. I wish there was more neck support for little ones. I chose to place a rolled up receiving blanket around the neck area. Once I did this, my daughter appeared much more comfortable. I think having an insert for additional neck support would be a nice addition to the stroller’s amenities.

One of the things I was most excited about when trying out this stroller is the suspension, which helps make travel smooth and comfortable for my baby girl. And I was not disappointed! Living in the city, we walk on uneven sidewalks, streets without sidewalks and through some construction zones. This stroller handles the rides with ease, proving that the “flexible suspension” is no exaggeration.


My daughter is only 6 months, so I was understandably nervous to jog on uneven surfaces with her, but after walking several times throughout the city, I was ready to go for a test run. I love the hand brake feature on the stroller, which helps with control when jogging on trails. It also has a removable hand strap to better secure the stroller while jogging. We jogged along through some city parks and on some dirt trails; I felt certain she was strapped in tightly and comfortably. Sure enough, she fell sound asleep each time we went for a jog. What a relief!

The stroller holds a maximum weight of 50 pounds and has a 45-inch height restriction. It can carry infants when strapped in with a car seat through the car seat attachment, which comes with the stroller. I know from friends who have other jogging strollers that the attachment often must be purchased separately. However, keep in mind, this only works with gb brand car seats.

If you are looking for an affordable jogging stroller option, this stroller is perfect! It has some great features for the price and comes with some additional parts that most stroller brands make you buy separately. I certainly can see my daughter growing into this stroller and enjoying plenty of jogs with me!

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