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Finding a lightweight, travel-friendly stroller that doesn’t scrimp on features […]

Finding a lightweight, travel-friendly stroller that doesn’t scrimp on features (sorry, but a reclining seat is a necessity when you’re exploring a new city and naptime is now) has proven to be more challenging than I expected, but I’m happy to report the gb Qbit+ checks all the right boxes.

gbQbit+1For starters, the Qbit+ arrives in a surprisingly small box almost fully assembled. Just pop on the wheels, and you’re good to go! (My husband started assembling another stroller at the same time, and I challenged him to a race—cool, I know. Needless to say, I beat him by a mile.)

The stroller’s compact fold is key. When collapsed, which can be done with just one hand, it takes on a cube-like shape (fitting, it seems—just say “Qbit” aloud). It’s folded height is much shorter than most umbrella strollers, which tend to be quite tall. The stand-alone fold and petite stature makes it easy to stow at the bottom of a closet. (I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to not have to balance it against something only to have it fall over any time I open or shut the closet door.) It also readily fits into the trunk of a car while still allowing room for groceries, etc. Also: It’s worth noting that any time I pick it up to move it from here to there I am pleasantly surprised by how lightweight it is.

gbQbit+3So, it’s easy to fold and store, but how does it actually fare when it’s up and running? Very well, in fact! The Qbit+ has a good-sized sunshade with a see-through panel that allows you to keep an eye your little passenger while strolling. The upholstered seat is comfortably plush and includes a “head-hugger” for added support. The backrest offers a substantial recline (not just a wimpy barely-noticeable tilt), so it’s actually possible to nap on the go without any crazy head-wobbling. (It also makes the stroller suitable from birth to 55 pounds.) I’ll admit the pinch-and-release tether system that allows the multiposition recline isn’t my favorite—it takes only one hand to put the seat down, but two to put it back up—but it’s a minor and picky complaint given all the other desirable features of the stroller.

The footbrake is easy to find, engage and release, and the continuous handlebar (though not height-adjustable) makes it possible to steer the stroller with just one hand. Car seat adapters are available to use the stroller as a travel system with a gb or Cybex infant car seat.

The undercarriage basket is smallish, which is to be expected, but easy to access. It can accommodate a modest diaper bag or extra blankets and coats on chilly days. The wheels are impressively hefty, handling urban terrains with ease.

We’ve traveled across town, across the country and across the pond with our Qbit+ and have been quite pleased with its performance. Our little one is always a content passenger, and neither my husband nor I mind pushing it along on our adventures. Official verdict: Two thumbs up.

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