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All I can say is: Wow. I know gb has a […]

All I can say is: Wow. I know gb has a history of making compact strollers, but it seems they have outdone themselves with the Pockit. While it doesn’t quite fit into your jeans pocket, when folded up, this stroller is small. So small, in fact, that it earned a place in the 2014 Guinness World Records for most compact stroller, at an impressive 11.8” x 7” x 13.8”. What does this mean? It means the Pockit fits into a backpack or a large tote. The tiny size also means a tiny weight—the Pockit clocks in at only 9 pounds.

gb-Pockit-3Before baby, we frequently jetted out of town for weekend adventures. Since welcoming our son, we’ve sought out gear that can help us continue to do what we love with our little man in tow. The Pockit is designed for frequent travelers and immediately appealed to us. The small size and lightweight make the stroller incredibly portable and easy to stow in overhead bins and car trunks.

As anyone who has bought a stroller knows, the universe of available products is vast. But it seems like stroller manufacturers continually add more bells and whistles, such a multiple cup holders and elaborate storage. As a parent, I often embrace these features. However, all of these conveniences make a stroller that is bigger, heavier and bulkier (especially when folded). That’s where the Pockit comes into play. Designed for parents on the go, the Pockit quickly folds into an ultra-compact package shaped like a handbag for easy transport.

gb-Pockit-2The Pockit can go from stroller to a compact package in only two steps. While it seems impossibly small when folded, the magic is unveiled when it is unfolded. When opened, the stroller offers a comfortable seat with padded harness for baby from 10 to 55 pounds. The fabric is removable and washable, making it easy to clean up inevitable messes. The front wheels offer two positions: locked, for uneven terrain, and swiveling, for tight maneuverability. This feature is often only available on larger, more expensive strollers. While it seems like the simple umbrella stroller is the Pockit’s main competitor, these features make the Pockit far more road-worthy than others in the category. Umbrella strollers are not known for their durability, but the Pockit is built of strong materials for a lightweight design that is built to last.

The Pockit even has a convenient storage basket under the seat for storing on-the-go necessities. I loved that I could stow my son’s jacket, toys and snacks without having to carry along a huge baby bag. The height of the handles is appropriate for most people, though they don’t adjust, so taller people may more difficulty reaching them comfortably. I also found that the rear wheels are rather wide, which can get in the way when walking. An integrated sunshade also helps block the rays for baby. Although because the stroller is so light, it’s no surprise that the sunshade is itself quite small and provides minimal coverage. Still, not bad considering most umbrella strollers don’t offer any shade whatsoever.

The Pockit is a game-changer when it comes to portability. With it, I can push my child directly into the plane through the narrow aisles right up to our row, and then store it in the overhead compartment. We were able to zip past other parents waiting for their stroller after deplaning, who may have found their stroller worse for the wear after being tossed around by baggage handlers. We have a passion for travel and plan on taking the Pockit on our summer adventures to various cities, where its compact size make it ideal for small sidewalks and train rides. I can also easily stow the it in my car’s trunk yet have plenty of space to spare for luggage or groceries. Closer to home, the Pockit has come in handy at restaurants—when dining out, I can simply wheel my son, still strapped in, directly up to the table. Its folded size also makes it ideal for smaller homes or those with less available storage.

GB’s engineers found ways to add many conveniences I wouldn’t expect from an ultra-compact stroller. Our larger stroller may have some features that that Pockit doesn’t, but the behemoth can’t fit underneath the plane seat in front of me. The Pockit is in a different class of strollers. For most of us, it isn’t meant to replace our large stroller but to complement it instead; to go where our big stroller can’t or would be too cumbersome. The Pockit really shines during any travel, whether by plane, train or automobile. There will always be a (tiny) place in my closet, trunk or bag for the Pockit.

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