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As a mother of four and long-time member of the […]

As a mother of four and long-time member of the P&N family, I have tried out many infant car seats. The Idan feels more secure than any other I’ve used, and its sleek design makes it one of the best looking I’ve come across as well.

Let’s start shallow before we go deep: This is a stylish car seat! I receive compliments on this seat all the time—every mama wants to know what it is and where it came from because it has a more fashionable look than most. I’m toting the “lux black” version, with a subtle two-tone print and blue and silver details. I like the look of the ergonomic handle, and the canopy fabric is smooth and stretchy, like a lightweight neoprene. I would be attracted to this car seat for its looks alone, but the other features are what make it worth the price tag.

I don’t worry about baby’s comfort in this seat. My newborn fits snugly in place with zero head-flopping and firm padding all around. The straps are padded at the chest and at the bottom for increased comfort. Because the headrest and harness adjust for height, baby will continue to fit well until it’s time for a convertible seat. (The gb website recommends using the Idan until baby is 18 months old.) There are 11 headrest positions, and the harness is integrated, so the straps don’t have to be rethreaded every time baby sizes up!

My husband is the car seat installation specialist in the family, so he installed the Idan base in my car. It took him less than ten minutes and was very intuitive, he says. The base is LATCH compatible, so it attaches easily and securely to the anchors in my car. Then, there’s the unique stability leg that braces the seat against the floor of the car. This is an awesome feature that makes the car seat extra stable without taking up a ton of room in the car—it’s the stability leg that really makes this car seat base stand out among all the others. The car seat itself clips in and out of the base easily, but it is firmly attached when clipped in.

Carrying an infant seat is never the most comfortable, but this one isn’t bad. The empty seat isn’t very heavy, and the slim handle is easy to grip. When I get where I’m going and set the seat down, it will sit still, but the rounded shape makes it easy to rock with my hand or foot when I need to.

This seat meets all the current safety criteria and, of course, sports a five-point harness. The harness clips are secure but easy to manipulate, and the straps are wide enough that they don’t get twisted. Extra side impact protection is built in for increased safety in case of an accident. In addition, the “cocoon” canopy is a nice feature—it shields baby’s face and offers UPF50+ sun protection.

The Idan is a super find in my book. Baby is happy in it, I feel comforted by the safety features,and everyone loves the way it looks! You can’t go wrong with this one, in my opinion.

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