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By Published On: August 15th, 2015

The first thing I loved about the gb Asana35 AP […]

The first thing I loved about the gb Asana35 AP rear-facing car seat was the way it looked. I know that may sound weird or superficial, but I have had cheap looking car seats before—and this looked nothing like those. The fabric is sleek and sporty as well as very sturdy and well put together.

There wasn’t really anything to assemble, but the manual was very helpful in explaining how to adjust the car seat for my baby as well as for the car. It would have been hard for them to make it confusing in the manual because it was quite easy to figure out without even using it. There are three settings for the buckle as well as for the straps, so your little one will fit snug no matter what his size. It was very easy to figure out from the manual how to adjust the straps and buckle for the different settings. The headpiece that goes on either side of the baby’s head is especially nice as it automatically slides down or up depending on how tight the straps are. Overall, setting up the car seat to fit my little man, George, was very easy.

I was so excited when I received the Asana35 that the first thing I did was figure out how to put the base into my car! My favorite part about this was that there are multiple options to ensure the base has the correct fit in whatever type of vehicle you have. If you are a parent, you understand how putting a car seat base into a car is very different than installing it into a large SUV or a truck. One main difference from my other car seat is that the Asana35 has buckles on either side that latch directly into the metal hooks in your car, the ones just below where the seat belts are. This made me feel much safer as a mother than simply using the seatbelt to secure the base. (There is an option to use the seatbelt, too.)

Screen shot 2015-08-10 at 2.24.02 PM

There’s also an additional feature called the “load leg” that ensures the base is extra secure. The final feature here that I loved was the adjustable portion on the rear of the car seat that helps you get the exact angle you need, so your little one is not sitting up too straight or back too far. I have seen many moms use towels or blankets to lift the end of the base, so the angle is correct. But this eliminates that burden completely—and is so much more secure. There is also a colored indicator on the front of the base, so you know if it’s at the right angle as you are adjusting it.

I was able to make the base very secure at the first installation, but over time I find it loosens up and moves more and more from side to side. This may be the case with most car seats, though, as they are often only secured at one end. I simply check it often to make sure all the straps are tight.

The canopy of the seat is nice, but I do wish it was a bit bigger to keep my son fully covered from rain or bright sunshine. However, the fabric is very durable and easy to clean, and the car seat itself is pretty lightweight. It is relatively easy to carry, but the handle could be a little more parent friendly for the arms. (As could most car seats.)

There’s also an additional infant insert to hold even the smallest newborn nice and snug. I think this car seat is especially perfect for brand-new little ones as it is very snug and holds them close.

The GB Asana35 is worth every penny as far as I’m concerned. I would definitely recommend this car seat as I have been very happy with it.

Weight limits: 4-35 pounds (rear-facing only)
Price: $250
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