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Cult classic: Seraphine
Parisian-born Cecile Reinaud, founder and director of Seraphine, set out to create fashion-forward selections for expectant and new moms, resulting in a well-rounded clothing line coveted by Gwen Stefani, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and other top style-influencers.

In the beginning
“The idea for Seraphine came to me while I was working in advertising in the city. I saw pregnant friends and colleagues struggling to find decent maternity clothes as there really weren’t a lot of options out there at the time. The more research I did and the more women I spoke to, the more I became convinced that this was a project I needed to take on. Becoming a mother is such a special time in a woman’s life, and it just seemed crazy to me that there weren’t any stylish maternity clothes to help celebrate the pregnant figure.”

All in the family
“Fashion is in my blood. My grandparents used to supply fabrics to some of the great Parisian fashion houses, like Chanel and Lanvin. As a child, I bonded with my grandmother, Nanette, over clothes. She taught me to sew and to knit, and she used to help me customize my own clothes and make little outfits for my dolls.”

Sound advice
“Stick to your style! I’m a strong believer that you shouldn’t have to compromise on fashion just because you’re pregnant. It’s simply a case of adapting your signature look to suit your new shape. So, if you usually opt for a nipped-in waist, try highlighting your empire line with one of our famous knotted maternity dresses   instead. If you can’t imagine life without your skinny jeans, then invest in a couple of [bump-friendly] pairs. With the help of some good quality maternity clothes, you’ll find that it’s easy to feel like your usual stylish self throughout every trimester.”







Underneath it all: Cache Coeur
With 15 years of corsetry and swimwear design under her belt, Audrey Trolliet, head of creation and design at Cache Coeur, spends her days dreaming up opulent and sophisticated styles for moms-to-be and new mothers who crave elegance and femininity.

A brand is born
“After long talks with friends who complained about how difficult it was to find maternity and nursing lingerie that was refined, practical and innovative, the idea of creating Cache Coeur emerged. We decided to start this great project and revolutionize the industry. … We wanted to offer a whole new generation of maternity and nursing lingerie to accentuate moms’ beautiful curves while providing support, comfort and tenderness. This is the DNA of our brand: Maternity and nursing lingerie that is feminine, authentic and sumptuous without sacrificing technical or practical features.”

The right fit
“During pregnancy, a woman’s breasts go through extensive changes. To avoid having to switch out your inner-wears every two months, it’s important to choose a bra that will adapt. Cache Coeur bras are scalable and flexible. The cups and four rows of hooks in the back allow you to go up more than one band and cup size. Start by wearing the bra at the tightest position in the early stages of pregnancy and eventually change to the widest position when your body is ready. You will wear [the bra] every day from morning until night, so it’s important to feel good in it. After your baby is born, don a style with our convenient and easy-to-use magnetic nursing clips. They’re discreet and tasteful, so no one will guess they’re nursing bras!”

Woman of the hour
“It is important that you take time to pamper yourself. Take a bubble bath; regularly apply moisturizing cream to your growing body; wear beautiful clothing, which adds value to your curves and makes you feel comfortable. And wear sensual lingerie—it will make you feel not only like a mother, but also a woman.”














The breast best: Boob
Ikea isn’t the only game changer born out of Sweden. Mia Seipel, founder, CEO and creative director of Boob, launched her ingenious line in Stockholm, eventually bringing dual-purpose wardrobe staples to pregnant and nursing women worldwide.

From the start
“The concept began as an idea on a park bench. At the time I did not have children, but I watched as my sister struggled to nurse her newborn while exposing her bare waist to the [elements]. Problem-solving is something that has always been interesting to me, and the idea behind Boob was easy to try out. I went home and sewed the first prototype.”

A wise investment
“I wouldn’t say you need to invest in a big maternity wardrobe—just the right one. Go for long-lasting styles with double-function capability for maternity and nursing. Choose pieces in designs that are clean and classic rather than the latest fashion. Let shoes and accessories set the tone.  Pamper yourself with really comfortable leggings and pants that have a flexible jersey lining. Comfort and quality are key. It may seem like a short and temporary period in your life, but I promise your body will be so grateful for clothes that actually support it. Plus, with the right maternity-nursing essentials at hand, you can still use a lot of the favorites from your regular wardrobe, like cardigans and stretchy tops.”

The future is now
“Working with expectant and new mothers that carry and care for the next generation continually pushes us to make clothes with great concern for everyone involved in the process, as well as our planet. This is why 80 percent of our clothes are made from sustainable materials and why our complete collection is certified according to OEKO-TEX 100, a guarantee that the clothes have been tested for harmful chemicals. Simply put: [They’re] clothes for the future.”

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