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By Published On: October 1st, 2016
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Sweet Wallis arrived on the scene last December and joined […]

Sweet Wallis arrived on the scene last December and joined her parents at home in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Her lovely lair hosts plenty of vintage charm thanks to her mom, Tiffany King. “I wanted Wallis’ nursery to feel light and pretty, but most importantly, I wanted it to feel like a room that could grow with her.” Find out how she pulled together this picture-perfect space. wallis7On dressing up old furniture
“I purchased two old used dressers and refreshed them by lining the drawers with leftover wallpaper, painting them and adding new knobs.”wallis6On investment pieces
“The curtains were the room’s biggest splurge.”
wallis10On bringing the outside in“I’m an avid flower gardener, so that was my inspiration. I wanted to bring a bit of my garden inside, including the bees and animals I experience on a daily basis while tending to it.”wallis4On getting their hands dirty
“Ninety percent of Wallis’ room was DIY. We live in a 125-year-old farmhouse … we fixed the ceiling, painted the walls and floor, put up wallpaper, refinished two old dressers, and even built a template so that the prints in her room would be even and centered properly.”wallis8On the changing station
“I wasn’t sure if it would work to have a changing pad on an old dresser, but it’s been perfect. We use it every single day!”wallis2On four-legged friends
“My family is pretty obsessed with bulldogs, so I knew I wanted to have something in Wallis’ room that gave a nod to that love. The antique bank was the perfect fit!”wallis3On striking gold
“I think having an alphabet in a child’s room is a must, so finding one that used floral names was an absolute bonus. I am secretly hoping that this is the way Wallis learns her alphabet and blurts out one day, ‘A is for Aster, not Apple!’”wallis11On being true to you
“My advice: If you’re going to do a nursery, do what you want to do, not what you think you should do based on what you see a lot of. Today we are inundated with images from social media that tell us what is popular, which I think can make some people feel insecure about going with their own ideas.” wallis5

Photography by Tiffany King