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By Published On: January 6th, 2012
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In the dead of winter, I find myself daydreaming about […]

In the dead of winter, I find myself daydreaming about spring—warmer weather, sprouting buds, the return of color. The best thing about a nursery (or any room in your home, really) is that you can create any type of environment you fancy, and it can stay just that way all year long, regardless of the goings on outdoors. Whether you channel the tropics and enjoy a beachy paradise in February or chill out during summer days in an icy blue abode, you get to forecast your habitation.
Since I’ve got spring on the brain, the season will plant the seed for today’s inspired baby bedroom. With green and florals and pops of pink and orange, this nursery is made whole by its crib—because no garden is complete without a little wrought iron.
Garden party
Garden party by pnmag on
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If you could choose to live in just one season, which one would it be? Fall is my favorite season, but truly, I’d miss the others. It’s nice to mix things up every few months, isn’t it?