Fun flags for nursery walls

By Published On: September 20th, 2010

Friends, I think I may need an intervention. I’m obsessed […]

Friends, I think I may need an intervention. I’m obsessed with buntings/pennants/whatever you want to call those cute little flags that hang from a string. Obsessed! Some people may think they’re great for parties—and they are—but think they’re perfect for all the time. They’re a cheerful reminder that every day should be a celebration, don’t you agree?
As a quick internet search will contest, there are hundreds and hundreds of these glorious garlands at one’s disposal. Whatever your style, color scheme or budget, there is a banner out there calling your name. (Or in my case, hundreds of banners shouting my name!) And for you DIYers, there are loads of tutorials for making your own too.
If you haven’t thought much about buntings before, allow me to introduce you to a few that have been on my mind as of late. I bet you’ll want to add (at least) one to your newbie’s nursery.

What a sweet garland for a little girl with its flags of various shapes and sizes.

This garland is made with pages from Little Golden Books. Remember reading those when you were a kid?

Don’t you want to use this bunting as inspiration for an entire nursery design? The retro color scheme is super fun.

Rush hour traffic has never looked so cute! This garland is made of paper and is a total steal at just $10.

These pennant decals are created out of vintage wallpaper patterns—and they can be stuck and restuck time and again. (They’re also featured in our September issue! Check it out to see how we worked them into a playful nursery design.)

Let the newest love of your life know he makes your heart swell with this heart bunting.

Can you imagine coming home from the hospital with baby to find this banner greeting you at your front door? Home sweet home, indeed.
Happy decorating!