Fun and games

By Published On: December 13th, 2011

Today, I’d like to introduce you to what I think […]

Today, I’d like to introduce you to what I think is one of the funniest makers of baby things out there: Wry Baby. Kelly and David, the sweet (and, you guessed it, funny) couple behind the brand claim their philosophy for both business and life is simple: Laugh.
I can’t tell you precisely just how much they laugh (though I imagine it’s quite a bit), but I can tell you that their products crack me up. And I’m always in need of a good chuckle, as I believe most any new parent is. Here are a few of my top picks, though I’d love to hear yours as well.
Fun and games

1. Zippit Please Stop Crying Pacifier Case, $10. Seriously, isn’t this what every parent is silently pleading when he or she reaches for the pacifier?
2. Super Bad Super Snapsuit, $30. A bodysuit with a cape—need I say more? (No, but I will: It’s recently become available in sizes up to 24 months. Yippee!)
3. Shaggy Dan Stuf, $13. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what a “Stuf” is, but I’m 100 percent certain this guy would look cute sitting on the rocking chair in the nursery. Especially since he has a “Madre” heart tatoo. Um, awesome.
4. Hairdo Maker Posterpad, $12. Thirty-five pages of bald babies begging for handdrawn hairdos? Yes, please.
5. More Facebook Friends Snapsuit, $25. Because it’s probably true.FUn
6. Mysterio Predicts Infant Tee, $15. The promise of finding out baby’s future is too much to resist.
7. The Wheel of Responsibility for Parents, $12. Every couple I know could use this helpful referee from time to time. Plus, you’ve got to love the tagline: “Have fun! Stay un-divorced!”
Well, are you giggling yet? Wouldn’t these make great shower gifts? Don’t you secretly want to buy them for yourself?