From baby to boy

By Published On: February 3rd, 2016

What a week it has been! Within the past seven days, […]

image3What a week it has been! Within the past seven days, Graham has said a couple of words, started walking and gotten his first haircut. I’m proud and sad at the same time—I don’t know whether to laugh or cry or just snuggle him close.  

Graham had been “cruising” around the furniture pretty confidently for the past couple of months. He also has a couple of walkers (the Fisher-Price Elephant and the Vtech Learning Walker—both are awesome!), which he has loved pushing around the house. We noticed he was starting to get brave, taking little steps between the ottoman and couch with hands outstretched steadying himself. (The remote control and the Xbox controller placed just a few steps away were big motivators when we were trying to encourage him to walk, haha.)

My mom watched Graham this past Tuesday, and they must have practiced all day because when Matthew got home, Graham walked all the way across the living room to greet his daddy! He’s been walking nonstop ever since. I love seeing his little top heavy body toddling around everywhere. I’m still not used to turning around and seeing him walking towards me.

image4Little Graham is also starting to say some words, which is so cute and exciting. When looking at some birds outside the window and talking about them, Graham pointed and said “burr” several times.  He also says “nigh nigh” (night night), and “dah” for our dog (who is quickly becoming his best bud). And of course “no!” has been his favorite word for about a month now haha.

Graham’s wispy ends have been getting in his eyes and hanging over his ears for a while. I’ve been pushing to have his hair cut but Matthew gave me some push back saying, “but he won’t look like a baby anymore!” For some reason, I just wasn’t feeling super sentimental about the whole thing; I thought, his hair looks messy = he needs a haircut. After convincing Matthew that Graham’s crazy hair was getting just a little too wild, he agreed.  

So on Sunday, Graham’s “Maw maw” (Matthew’s mom) gave Graham his first haircut. He did better than we expected, sitting relatively still while I held him and distracted him with a brush in his hands. Matthew was kind of right, the hair cut did make our little baby look more like a little boy. But I’m accepting it—he has six teeth, he’s walking, he’s starting to talk—his little boy haircut helps him look as big as he’s acting.

I didn’t think I’d keep the hair clippings, but when my mother-in-law handed me an envelope to put them in, I picked up the curly little wisps of baby hair and tucked them in. I’m glad I did. I like having these first little baby hairs to look at—a little piece of my sweet little baby who’s growing into a little boy so fast.