Foxy Vida Chevron Diaper Bag

By Published On: November 14th, 2013

When I received the Foxy Vida diaper bag in the […]

When I received the Foxy Vida diaper bag in the mail it was love at first sight.  Having a gender neutral (for daddy) diaper bag already, I wanted something fun and girly. The Foxy Vida was right up my alley! It came wrapped in orange tissue paper, almost like a gift, with a note from the company detailing care instructions and other information that might come in handy. Looking at the bag, you would have never guessed it was a diaper bag. It looked like a trendy oversized shoulder bag that could be used for travel, like a beach or laptop bag.
grey_diaper_bagWhen I first tried it out, it was surprisingly lightweight. The strap was adjustable, so I could shorten it and make it a shoulder bag—or make it a little longer and throw it across my body. The zipper is strong, and the bag itself seems very sturdy. I like having a bag that zips instead of a bag with snaps. For me, I find a zipper much easier to maneuver rather than fussing with snaps. There is also a pouch on the exterior of the bag that is a substantial size. It has a zipper too, so I feel comfortable stashing napkins, an iPad or just about anything. The Foxy Vida diaper bag also came with a nice changing pad—better quality than some of the others I’ve seen.
yellow_diaper2One of the things I love about this bag is the inside. It’s made of a waterproof fabric that can easily be cleaned, while the outside is made of washable cotton. If there are any messes that happen inside the bag, they can easily be wiped away! Another thing I love is that the bottom of the bag is a stronger material. That way, the bag won’t look too worn out over time. As a chronic over-packer, this bag meets my expectations. Every time we leave the house, I pack enough outfits, blankets, diapers and a few toys for my baby and any other babies in the neighborhood! There are enough pockets and pouches to keep everything I need organized and accessible. There’s even a place for mommy’s keys, so I don’t have to go digging when my hands are full. The interior pockets are a perfect size. I love that I can fit seven diapers in one of the pockets with ease.
As the wife of a consumer reports junkie, I have been programmed to Google everything. Foxy Vida’s website was very user friendly, and there was an informational video on how this bag could be used.  The quality of the bag and the website made me think they knew what their consumers needed.  I think it’s reasonably priced because they didn’t overlook a single detail!
Price: $118
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