By Published On: March 30th, 2011

Written by: Sheri March 29 2011 It’s been an exciting […]

Written by: Sheri

It’s been an exciting week around our house! It is amazing how your entire life can change in an instant.

Hannah May took her time getting ready to come into this world. She was born three days past her due date, and after 19 hours of labor. But once she was finally ready, she took no time at all making a grand entrance. After pushing for a very painful eight minutes, the nurses in our labor and delivery room started scrambling around to grab rubber gloves and blankets. I didn’t quite understand what they were doing. “She’s right here,” the midwife told me. “Just one more big push.” Sure enough, the next minute I had a brand new baby girl in my arms. In that moment, I was in shock and awe and love all at the same time.

Hannah’s first days at home were a strange mix of peaceful moments and complete chaos. We had lots of time to snuggle, sing songs and enjoy that comfortable bliss that accompanies life with a newborn. She started off as a great sleeper, which was wonderful in helping me get a lot of rest, but not so great at keeping her well hydrated. She made a few trips to the pediatrician that first week to make sure she was getting enough nourishment. And I spent more time than I would have liked with a cool wash cloth on her back, coaxing her to nurse for just five more minutes.

Aaron had a tough first week too. He went through the normal toddler emotions of feeling excited about a little sister to share his days, to wondering why she couldn’t get up from her cradle to play trains, and of course feeling a bit jealous of sharing my attention with someone else. Then he came down with a nasty double-ear infection that required antibiotic injections. Needless to say, someone from our family visited the doctor every day that first week home.

Happily, both kids are doing much better now and we’re starting to settle into the new normal. Our days are certainly more full —full of diapers, cuddles, tears and giggles. But the biggest change Paul and I have noticed is that we feel more like a family. There’s an extra level of teamwork required to get all of us out of the door, or sat down at the dinner table. But there’s something about it that feels more fun—like we’re all part of something bigger than ourselves.

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