Floored by yellow

By Published On: October 20th, 2011

A rug can really make a nursery. Whether it adds […]

A rug can really make a nursery. Whether it adds a splash of color or an element of coziness, a rug often gives baby’s room that “finished” look.
When choosing a rug, I like to envision how it will fit into everyday life. I think about how it will feel against bare feet in the middle of the night when fetching a little one from her crib. I imagine how tots will enjoy playing on it now and as they grow older. Will baby lay on it during tummy time? Will she drive cars on pretend “roads” created by the rug’s lines? Will she hop from stripe to stripe? Plop down on her belly to flip through her favorite storybook?
Below, you’ll find a handful of brightly colored yellow rugs that would work well in nurseries for little boys or girls. Although they’d also be great in a playroom, and most of them could easily migrate to a family room or master bedroom as well. (Once your babe has reached crawling age, don’t be surprised if you feel the urge to add rugs to every uncarpeted room in the house—there’s something about sweet little baby knees that seems to warrant a household-wide soft surface installation.)
Floored by yellow
1. DwellStudio, $150
2. The Rug Market, from $74
3. The Rug Market, $183
4. notNeutral, $288
5. Overstock, $219
6. DwellStudio, $550
7.DwellStudio, $350
Are you a big fan of rugs? (I think I’d buy them all day if budget and space allowed.) Or do you prefer carpeting? Or perhaps bare floors? Which rug would you choose? The stripes? The giraffe? Isn’t the round rug fun?