Fleurville Sling Tote

By Published On: July 5th, 2010

A few years back I splurged on a Fleurville Lexie […]

A few years back I splurged on a Fleurville Lexie Tote, and it’s been one of my all-time favorite diaper bags. However, as my kids have gotten older, I’ve discovered that it’s a little too big for my day-to-day needs, so I decided it was time to find a new favorite bag. The Fleurville Sling Tote came along at just the right time, and it didn’t disappoint—in fact, it’s exactly what I was looking for!
Fleurville_0This bag has the same great features that drew me to Fleurville during my first pregnancy: fun designs, good construction, modern styles. The Sling Tote is a smaller style, but it’s still more than big enough to carry everything I need for a day trip with my two kids. The Sling Tote is built with the same quality as my Lexie Tote, so I’m confident that it will hold up as well as ol’ Lex did for me. The inside and outside are both water resistant, so it’s super easy to keep this tote clean. Thoughtful touches like fleece-lined “scratch guard” pockets and a built-in key clip make it obvious that parents were involved in the construction of these bags.
Fleurville is also generous in the accessories department: a zippered wrist bag, stroller attachments, changing pad and wipe case are all included with the tote. And right now the Sling Tote is on sale at fleurville.com: You can pick one up for $119 (normally $150), plus get free shipping! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this bag to any mom. It’s a good investment that will easily last you through the toddler years!
Price: $119
Buy it: fleurville.com